Istanbul Street Bench: Sit on a Book for a change

Istanbul Street Bench 01
Photo © Chair Blog
Istanbul Street Bench 02
Istanbul Street Bench 02
Photo © Chair Blog

On a recent trip to Istanbul I discovered this street bench in book form.

12 thoughts on “Istanbul Street Bench: Sit on a Book for a change”

  1. can you please give me the locations of these benches because i am doing some research on them and could not find the address?


  2. thanks once again.
    will like i said before, i’m doing some research on these benches and i intend to go to istanbul to see them live.


  3. but do you know the name of the designer? i searched but couldn’t find a thing. and are these benches still available or have been removed ?
    any additional information will be more than appreciated.

    by the way i live in Germany so if you need any info regarding this spot of the world just ask.

  4. Search for 41.054952, 28.936433 on Google Earth It’s there about

    At the end of this cable car

    Recognizing the building and via Google map finding these coordinates 41.049673, 28.934308

    More precise I can’t be

    Tell me more about your good self

  5. I’m sorry, I have no more information than I gave you. Don’t know if they are still there. Let me know if you see them around when you visit Istanbul.

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