Revisited: Erika Winters – Mexican Chair Redesigner

Erika Winters Logo

The logo from Erika’s Blog


The nice Polka Dot upholstery fits wonderfully with this 60ies style chair.

Erika Winters Polka Dot

But also with more dated chair design…

Erica Winters Polkadot coroflot2

A model like this will “sell your work”  undoubtedly. More of this please!

I introduced you to Erika Winters earlier on February 21, 2008. Since then she has been very active.

  1. She has enhanced her Design Shop website Erika Winters Design
  2. She has uploaded many of her re designed chairs and sofa’s to her Coroflot Portfolio
  3. She even has started a blog

I would like to make a couple of suggestions to Erika:

  1. Do away with the flash on your site…it is much too wild and not functional.
  2. Also see to it that one can find your complete portfolio on your own site as well as on Coroflot
  3. If possible combine your site with the blog. That gives you an opportunity to create a historical narrative about your portfolio..
  4. In any case bring the design of your blog more in line with the design of your site
  5. Do give us more photos of your portfolio with yourself as a model. I believe you do sell
  6. I love the polka dot upholstering you were using here which shows us it is usable both for more ancient chair design and pure 60ies chair design.

I hope Erika doesn’t mind me a to be a bit critical. What are your thoughts?

2496 Carbon Fiber Chaise by Giovanni Pagnotta

2496  Carbon Fibre Chaise by Giovanni Pagnotta 1k

2496 Carbon Fibre Chaise by Giovanni Pagnotta 4k

2496 Carbon Fibre Chaise by Giovanni Pagnotta 2k

2496 Carbon Fibre Chaise by Giovanni Pagnotta 3k

Giovanni Pagnotta, based in Mamaroneck, USA, was so kind to send me photos of some of his projects. Among those his 2496 Carbon Fiber Chaise.

Tetris Chair by Gabriel Cañas

Tetris by Gabriel Canas


Another case of happenstance. I come across the Tetris Chair by Gabriel Cañas on Coroflot Portfolio and all of a sudden the more popular design blogs happen having done the same at approximately the same time….

Gabriel Comments:

Tetris is a novel piece of furniture, inspired by the famous video game and the constructivism. The interesting thing about Tetris is its design fun, consisting of the five existing parts in the game converted to a three-dimensional version invites you to be one component of the chair.

Tetris is made of independent modules fiberglass for efficient production that results in a lightweight, eye-catching and durable.

About Gabriel Cañas


Gabriel Cañas is an Industrial Designer by the “Universidad Autonoma Metropilitana” with great interest in Interior Design, Architectonic Illumination and Packaging, this interest has taken him to participate in contests such as “Envase Estelar 2007” in which the package “Seven” won the first place. Also the contest “Dimueble 2008” in wich he result finalist with the project “Ruguetta”. In the professional aspect he realised professional practices during 2005 in the Department of Design of the Sports Area of TV Azteca time in which he discovered his interest in animation and 3D modeling. At the beginning of 2008 he was invited to work at Zebra Studio as a Junior Industrial Designer. In the present his working at Diseño Visual, company dedicated to the manufacture of exhibition furniture and points of purchase for diferent clients such as Unilever, Sharp, EA, among others and in which he contributes with concepts, ideas, presentations and production of design pieces. In the short term Gabriel plans to realise master studies in Interior Design or Architectonic Illumination.

Interesting to see how a chair makes the rounds on internet or is “curated” like the cribcandy guys and girls like to say:

Oops I pressed the publish button a bit too early: More Tetris Chair Wars to follow:-)

Schwing: Rocking Stool by Ismail Oezalbayrak

Schwing Rocking Stool by Ismael Oezalbayrak

Schwing is not a typo for showing. Schwing is German for Rocking. This Rocking Stool is designed by Ismail Ozalbayrak, a design student at the HfbK Hamburg.
It consists of a very light upper part, made of painted fiberglass and a concrete lower part.
Due to its unique shape it stays in balance all the time.
The stool will be produced by Stilwerk GmbH in Germany. Stilwerk is German for Style Work 🙂

You’ve made a rocking use of concrete, Ismail!

Club Outdoor Armchair by Prospero Rasulo for Zanotta

Club Outdoor armchair by Prospero Rasulo for Zanotta P1050234

Thanks to to my recent visit to Out door in Paris I can show you my own photo of the Club Outdoor Armchair by Prospero Rasulo for Zanotta. It seems that Prospero is one of those designers who doesn’t like a web presence. I can’t find a site of his Studio Oxidio.