The Chair Steve Jobs Presented the IPad from

(Photo Credit: James Martin/CNET)

Cnet has an excellent multimedia coverage of the much awaited IPad presentation by Apple’s Steve Jobs yesterday.

I’ve a feeling the easy chair is a LC Le Corbusier derivative, but am not sure…have to source more photos from the net.

Do you have an idea?

Chair Hire – Exhibit Hire UK

Exhibit Hire in the UK is a company specializing in furniture for exhibitions. They have various interesting chairs on stock among which lightened chairs for presentations and exhibitions, like this Chubby model.

As per the first comment the lightened chairs are from Italian manufacturer Slide Design and there I learned what I thought already: These are Marcel Wander’s Chubby Chairs.

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Sofa Ruche by Inga Sempe

Via Cribcandy and contemporist I found this in my view new interpretation of a Chesterfield sofa, the Sofa Ruche by Inga Sempe for Ligne Roset

Top O Bench by James Lear

Top O is an earlier design by James Lear.
See James Lear Design

Haagsche Suites Com and Happy Hotelier Com temporary out of order (Solved)

I’m sorry, but both my blogs and seem Out of Order…hopefully temporary.

I’ve created this post in order to be able to redirect traffic from both sites and inform the readers of both sites.  I hope this post can disappear ASAP [ED: deleting posts gives complications so the post will stay, but the matter has been solved luckily].

Update 1
Service provider indicates both are hacked via a so called “deface hack”.

Update 2
At around 2.00 pm everything seems in order again.

If you’re interested, read more about it at Welcome Back – We were Hacked. Thank you for your patience.