50 Sad Chairs – Book by Bill Keaggy

50 sad chairs

50 Sad Chairs – Book by Bill Keaggy

Never knew of its existence until I found it on the web.

Take a peek inside the cruel and unforgiving world of St. Louis, Missouri’s abandoned, abused and neglected chairs. Found in back alleys all over the city, these chairs live out their last days on mean streets, forsaken by their owners and forgotten by society. Until now.

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I make things.

Well, I try to make things interesting by helping people understand & appreciate what’s right in front of them. I do this for work & play. I like the Web. I like bikes. I like raspberries. I like old cameras. I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day.

I live in Saint Louis, Missouri. I’m from OHIO.

I co-founded Tremendousness. It’s my main thing, now. I’m @keaggy on Twitter. I’m happily married and have two awesome, perfectly weird kids.

I was a founding partner and proto-blogger at XPLANE (~1999). Eventually ended up at Dachis Group through acquisition (2010). Before all that/mixed in with all that I was an earnest magazine designer (starting 1995), idealistic web guy (starting 1997), and grizzled photo editor (starting 2004) at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Before that I made a BMX ‘zine called ACC (aka The Atomic Circle of Chaos, 1988-1993). And before that I just drew some shit, sucked at baseball, loved The Dead Milkmen, and rode my bike on some walls.

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Franquin’s armchair by Leblon Delienne – M & O 2017 (04)

Franquin's Armchair

by Leblon Delienne

Leblon Delienne is a French producer of Mainly comic strip oriented figurines. Inspired by André Franquin, a famous Belgian comic strip cartoonist, artists of Leblon Delienne have designed this Franquin chair.

Libri Lounger by Todd Bracher

Libri Lounge Chair by Todd Bracher

I’m proud having featured many Chair – Bookcase combinations in the catagory Chair Bookcase Combinations This is another one.

An art piece commissioned by Zerofirst Gallery, Librilounge pays homage to traditional Japanese woodcraft and culture. Sofas are often used simply as a place to sit and read. Taking this idea to its logical extreme, we wondered if these functions could be combined into one essential object, offering commentary on the function-focused, material efficiency we associate with the best Japanese design.

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Daydream Lounger by Assaf Israel’s Studio Joynout




Daydream Lounger

Daydream Lounger inspired by the Lemniscate, which is an endless form looking like an 8.
The lounger consists of two interlocking cushioned panels and can seat 2. It will be shown in Milan in April.

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Joynout studio, based in Tel Aviv and Milan, specializes in the creation of new products and concepts for contract and public spaces. We give design services and consultancy for furniture companies and architecture firms, while producing our own creations in Italy.

Joynout was founded in 2012 by Assaf Israel, who holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design from the Bezalel Academy of Art & Design in Jerusalem, Israel. The values that guide us in the design process are innovation, quality, user experience and spreading joy.

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Branched and Rooted Chairs by Pontus Willfors

Pontus Willfors

Swedish Artist Pontus Willfors is based in California and had an exhibition at Edward Cella Art & Architecture Gallery in Culver City “Homeland” in June 2015. There he showed inter alia his “Chairs” that he gave branches and roots.

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Pontus Willfors challenges the way the viewer perceives everyday objects. He examines aspects of nature that are viewed by our society as product, nuisance or waste. Through mostly sculptural exercises he addresses the power of our culture and its ability to manipulate nature and shape its surroundings.

He has shown his work throughout the continental U.S. including Ben Maltz Gallery at Otis in Los Angeles, Irvine Fine Arts Center, Read Contemporary in Dallas and was part of the curatorial show at Art Miami in 2012.

Pontus Willfors graduated from CalArts (Valencia, CA) in 2009 and has lived and worked in Los Angeles since 2005.

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