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Introducing Katie Walker and her stunning Windsor Rocking Chair

Windsor Rocking Chair by Kathy Walker

Windsor Rocking Chair by Katie Walker

The Windsor Rocking Chair is created by a single continuous band of steam bent ash with solid seat supported by turned spindles. It was exhibited in Collect 2011 with Contemporary Applied Arts, appeared on the Wesley Barrell Craft award shortlist in 2011, and has won the Wood Awards Furniture also in 2011.

Katie Walker is a graduate of London’s Royal College of Art where she developed her approach of combining fine art and sculpture with practical furniture design, the results of which have now become highly collectable.

Katie Walker has a unique approach to the design of furniture, holding the belief that our quality of life will be enhanced by beauty in the everyday functional objects that we use. Inspired by an ongoing interest in the mathematical aspects of natural forms, her elegant designs are achieved by the harmonious combination of structure and function.

Guided by her belief that: “Timber is our primary natural renewable resouce and the most ecologically sound solution is to design with longevity in mind.”

via Katie Walker

“The Big Chair Project” for the Big Heart

“The Big Chair Project” for the Big Heart

Barnaby Purdy, Cath Kidston, Christopher Bailey, David Loftus & Jamie Oliver, Emma Tissier, INSA, Jamie Oliver, Jay Jay Burridge, Jonathan Yeo, Julien McDonald, Matthew Williamson, Nunzio Citro, Paul Smith, Quentin Blake, Ricardo Cinalli, Sarah Burton for McQueen, Superdry, Tracey Emin and Waterford Crystal had all chipped in to create masterpieces for Jamie Oliver’s Better Food Foundation. Since Jamie Oliver started raising awareness for food education, I’ve followed his courageous journey and admires his work and effort. Please join me chair fans, food enthusiasts and charity contributors, to follow “The Big Chair Project”, like their Facebook page, spread the message, and admire the marvelous chair designs!

The BIG Chair Project is the brainchild of The Better Food Foundation, the charity founded by Jamie Oliver. Back in 2002, Jamie established a unique and pioneering restaurant group called Fifteen, that uses the magic of food to give young people a chance to have a better future. Ten years on, hundreds of apprentices have graduated from the programme, which trains unemployed youngsters to become professional chefs. With 2012 marking the 10th anniversary, it was time to do something a little celebratory to raise much-needed funds for the next 10 years.

In a snapshot there are 20 artists as part of The BIG Chair Project. 16 auction lots have been created in what’s known as the BIG BID. Each artist was given two Fritz Hansen ANT™ chairs: one for practice and one for the masterpiece. You’ll notice that four of the artists decided to submit both chairs as part of their auction lot: Barnaby Purdy, Liberty, Nunzio Citro and Quentin Blake. As such the starting price of their auction lot isdoubled. As part of the 16 auction lots, one lucky winner will get their hands on a Fritz Hansen EGG™ chair and stool, designed by Jamie Oliver.

There’s also the BIG WIN where six chairs have been allocated to an online lottery. By purchasing a £5 lottery ticket you’ll be entered in a draw to win a chair of your choice, so there’s something in The BIG Chair Project for everyone.

via The Big Chair Project

“The Big Chair Project” for the Big Heart

Baud Collection by Vito Selma

Baud Collection by Vito Selma

Few languages capture the essence of the wave quite like the Cebuano variant; almost perfectly emulating the smoothness and solidness of water as it crashes against the surf, the sift and swirl of water as it curls inward and out from itself. This collection is a tribute to the ocean that has forever kept the island city of home… home in its undulating embrace.

via Vito Selma

There’s a certain serenity when you look at Vito’s work. The peaceful power of nature dramatically speaks through the balanced rhythms of his art pieces. The deepest intelligent comes from the respect for nature. And that seams to be the message that Vito is sending. Or maybe that’s just me talking to myself.

Baud Collection by Vito Selma

Tedd Lott’s Sculptural Practice

Tedd Lott's Sculptural Practice


Tedd Lott.
Sculptural practices are at once defined and restrained by their connections to tradition. When viewing woodworking in the context of objects made with wood; housing, particularly stick frame construction, emerges as possibly the most widespread use of the material throughout the modern world. Utilizing these techniques in a studio based practice, it is my hope to further the conversation on how notions of production fit into the world of contemporary art.

via Brigitte Martin

Blanc Wooden D Chair by Stevan Djurovic

D Chair by Steven Djurovic

Blanc Wooden D Chair by Stevan Djurovic

Steven Djurovic’s handcrafted D Chair achieves its modern, elegant form with the use of just two primary parts- one supportive dual leg component and one S-shaped seat that extends from the bottom seamlessly to form the third leg. Each piece of the stool can be customized in finish and texture to make unique combinations that fit a number of styles and tastes.

via Yanko Design

D Chair by Steven Djurovic