Photos of Abandoned Sofas in Suburban Australia

Paul Batt abandoned sofa

Via Feature Shoot I found Paul Batt, an Australian photographer who makes a series of abandonned sofas in Australia. The only reason his work caught my attention is the background of this abandoned sofa which looks like a Mondrian, member of de Stijl, inspired front of a building…all the way Down Under….

Thonet no 14 Caught after Flood in Queensland, 1906

Thonet No. 14 caught after flood

Bent wood chair caught by bent silver birch could be the caption of this photo.

From time to time I search the Commons on Flickr for nice old photos of chairs. This one is part of the State Library of Queensland Library collection.

Abandoned Chair on a Major Historical Site

In Greco-Roman times the city of Paphos in Cyprus was the island’s capital, and it is famous for the remains of the Roman governor’s palace, where well-preserved mosaics and remains of mosaic houses are a major tourist attraction. The mosaics being an important historical spot, it was especially intriguing to find this abondoned house and a chair inside upon taking the wrong turn on the site when I visited.

Photo by yours truly.

Hasard Cheratte Chair

Hasard Cheratte Chair via RedDave
Hasard Cheratte Chair via X-itje
Hasard Cheratte Chair via Vergane Glorie

One of our Facebook fans, La Duchesse et le Crapeaud, pointed me to the Hasard Cheratte Chair.

Hasard Cheratte is a Belgian Coal mine which closed in 1977. Since then it is a fave exploration object for urban explorers and photographers whose subject is abandoned places. A whole new category opens up for Chair Blog, the abandoned chair

This chair was used to operate winches for a heavy piece of a crane or a lift in the mine.

Photos via RedDave,X-itje and Vergane Glorie

Blue Chair – The Melancholy of Objects by Guy Batey

The Melancholy of Objects is a series of portraits of the objects photographer Guy Batey found lost or discarded on the streets of Southwark in South-East London. We, of course, are particularly interested in his “Blue Chair” piece pictured above.

Via Photojojo’s Facebook page