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After a couple (3.5) of years running on the Headway theme for WordPress, I’ve decided to go back to a simple standard WordPress theme. That of 2016, or Twenty Sixteen. The advantage is it can run on the PHP 7. series of PHP scripting language, which seems much more economic than the 5. series. Maybe we’ll be a bit more future proof as well. The front page seems to load a lot faster using this combination. Especially because the Headway theme caused some errors According to a much appreciated plugin that analyzes your page deploying, Query Monitor . I’ve run the sisterblog on twenty sixteen and that went well for maybe 6 months.

Chair Blog on Instagram

byjuliaosovskayaEveryone, we have some exciting news – Chair Blog can now be found on Instagram at! We’ll be sharing interior inspiration and cool chair sightings from around the globe, so come follow along! And if you spot a famous chair in some glorious surroundings, use the hashtag #chairblog to let us see it too 😉

P.S. The chair pictured is a BKF Chair aka the “Butterfly Chair” by Antonio Bonet, Juan Kurchan and Jorge Ferrari Hardoy. It’s produced by Knoll.

Photo: Julia Osovskaya

Coolia’s Icecream Cone Stool

Coolia's Icecream Cone Stool

Coolia’s Icecream Cone Stool

Coolia is a nickname I’ve invented for my cool coauthor Julia Osovskaya (don’t forget to read all posts of Julia) and when I found this photo on her FB timeline I couldn’t resist publishing it here.

Back to Basics

Proud_ Grandpa_MG_6124A

Back to Basics

You may have noticed the publication frequency was low in the past period. That had 4 reasons:

  1. I was very busy running my small hotel Haagsche Suites.
  2. Two Grand Children were born in the last three months. Now I’m the proud Grandpa of 4 and I’ve enjoyed every minute with them thus far.
  3. We have had a very nice summery period here in The Netherlands, so I’ve taken off and went to the beach sometimes
  4. I was running an experiment to host this site on another server from another hosting company. If you’re interested you can read more about the adventure at Happy Hotelier

Bear Chair _MG_6151
And I bought a set of Bear Chairs….to spend some more time on our terrace 😉

I’ve brought back the possibility to auto translate our English posts in 60 + languages. Auto translation is not ideal, but it may help all our foreign language fans.

And we’re back at Dediserve.

Stay tuned!