Christies Auctions Dickens’ Writing Chair Today

Dicken’s Writing Chair

Today Charles Dickens’ writing chair is being auctioned at Christie’s in London.

The picture below is an engraving made just after Dickens’ death.

engraving made just after Dickens’ death

Thonet no 81 Armchair

Thonet no 81 Armchair

Thonet no 81 Armchair>

Time for a photo of a nice Thonet chair: The no 81 armchair.

Flying Carpet Armchair by Ettore Sottsass

Flying Carpet Armchair by Ettore Sottsass
Archetype exhibition featuring work from Ettore Sottsass at Friedman Benda

Apryl Miller Stool and Armchair

Apryl Miller
Apryl Miller her good self

Blogging is not only about finding great people and great stuff: Sometimes great people find you through your Blog, like Apryl Miller. She is an artist living and working in New York City. She loves chairs and occasionally refits chairs. As the weather is finally so kind as to admit Spring has arrived here in The Hague and Apryl’s stools and chairs are very colorful, I deemed it fit to publish about her today.

Apryl Miller Stool
Apryl Miller Stool
Apryl Miller Armchair

Pirate Chair by Kjellgren Kaminsky

Pirate Chair

Kjellgren Kaminsky act as design pirates in order to create the Pirate line of furniture. Going back to styles that span a multitude of eras, this Göteborg team takes inspiration from just about everywhere and applies it to the legs of their very simple tables and chairs. The blue fabric seat can be used with any set of Pirate legs: bobbin, bow back, rococo, Renaissance – the choice is yours.

via MoCo Loco