Pirate Chair by Kjellgren Kaminsky

Pirate Chair

Kjellgren Kaminsky act as design pirates in order to create the Pirate line of furniture. Going back to styles that span a multitude of eras, this Göteborg team takes inspiration from just about everywhere and applies it to the legs of their very simple tables and chairs. The blue fabric seat can be used with any set of Pirate legs: bobbin, bow back, rococo, Renaissance – the choice is yours.

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Edwardian Tubchair by Helen Amy Murray

Edwardian Tubchair by Helen Amy Murray

Edwardian Tubchair by Helen Amy Murray
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Oshar Vazquez: A Young Mexican Designer

Emma 360 Rocking Chair by Oshar Vazquez
Emma 360 Rocking Chair by Oshar Vazquez

About Oshar Vazguez
He is 23 years old and in his last year studying Industrial Design at Autonoma de Guadalajara University (UAG) in Guadalajara, Mexico.
Oshar made the Emma 360 Rocking Chair himself: “..Design is not only a matter of drawing and rendering, but also a matter of putting your hands at work!!”
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Sonic Chair

Sonic Chair 01

In the Sonic Chair you are seated in the speaker.

Sonic Chair

Off course they are available in many colors.

Sonic Chair 03

I am not sure I could withstand sitting in them for a long time….

Fleck Chair

Fleck Chair 1990
Fleck Chair 1990

Fleck Chair’s website is a K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple and Stupid) website. I love it!

About Fleck Chair:

Fleck Chair began as a simple, one-man upholstery shop known as Fleck Custom Upholstery in the early 1960’s. As time went on and our reputation grew, we began a small line of studio sofas and chairs. Some local manufacturers looked to Fleck Custom Upholstering as a source of seating components. As business grew, employees were added, the number of different products produced increased, and Fleck Custom Upholstering became Fleck Upholstering. Fleck Upholstering moved to its present location in 1975 with a 50 x 100 foot building. At first it seemed very large. By 1978 the large building had shrunk and another 50 x 100 section was added on.

Again as the business grew, sales territory was added, employees were added, and our line of upholstered products increased. Fleck Upholstering became Fleck Chair and business continued to grow.

Cramping again lead to another 80 x 53 sq ft extension in 1986.

Today, we market our products in 19 states under the name of Fleck Chair. Our products are also marketed under various other names and are shipped throughout the United States and to many locations around the world.