Red Eco by Peter Karpf

Eco by Peter Karpf belongs to the Voxia Collection.

Strange. I had spotted a chair designed by this Danish architect already some time ago, but there is more to Peter Karpf…watch my next post.

Tembo armchair by Noergaard and Kechayas


Found this Tembo armchair by Noergaard and Kechayas (2012) for New Works at the Copenhagen Design Museum.

Bernardes by Andreu Carulla

A convent was looking for new furniture, Andreu Carulla obliged and Sverges produced them.

Unfurled by Patricia Piccinini

Unfurled by Patricia Piccinini

And then you find yourself in the Anker Brotfabrik in Vienna where part of the premises are rented by Ernst Hilger, partly as a dependance for his Galery in the Dorotheer Gasse number 5, right in the center of Vienna and partly to show his own collection of Modern Art. Kindly we were shown around by his assistant Michaela Pedratscher who showed us this chair….And then you remember the name Patricia Piccinini….partly because you have seen earlier work of her…. and partly because you have taken earlier photo’s of her work…

Update: My first encounter with Patricia Piccinini was 10 years ago when she showed work in the now sadly discontinued The Hague Sculpture (Open Air Sculpture Exhibition):
2007 The Hague Sculpture DSC04477

Trinidad Chair by Nanna Ditzel

Trinidad Chair by Nanna Ditzel

Recently photographed in the Danish Design Museum in Copenhagen by me: This Trinidad Chair by Nanna Ditzel.