Delicious Stool by Wendell Castle

Delicious Stool by Wendell Castle

Being more than half a century involved with chair design Wendell Castle deserves more recognition here.

Photo via Barry Friedman

Yellow Clay Chair by Maarten Baas

Yellow Clay Chair by Maarten Baas
Via Moss (not cheap!).

Thomas Heatherwick at Aram Gallery’s Then Now Show

Thomas Heatherwick at Aram Gallery's Then Now Show
Actually Julia’s post about Thomas Heatherwick’s Spun Chair made me remember I had a post in the works about this Then Now Show of The Aram Gallery.

Konstantin Grcic at the Then Now Show of The Aram Gallery

Konstantin Grcic at the Then Now Show of The Aram Gallery

The Aram Gallery is another source of inspiration for chair lovers.

The Gallery originated from pasion for design rather than from financial motives:

Zeev Aram opened his first store on London’s Kings Road, Chelsea, in 1964. He had a real passion for design and was the first to introduce the works of designers such as Carlo Scarpa, A & P.G. Castiglioni, Marcel Breuer, Le Corbusier and V. Magistretti to the UK market.

Later on Zeev developped the concept of an Annual Graduate Show to offer young designers and the industrie a platform to meet each other. Recently this culminated in a THEN-NOW Show which was an exhibition of 15 designers who were originally amongst the graduates selected by Zeev Aram to take part in the Aram Design’s Annual Graduate Shows in the late 1980s and early 1990s. This exhibition revisits the work of these designers to show the development of their career over the last 2 decades. Their graduation work and recent work were showed side by side.

Here Konstantin Grcic. Photo by Christina Theisen.

Half Chair by Massimo Barbierato

The Half chair by Massimo Barbierato for Plus Design is a limited edition of 21 pieces. As the photos show, it can easily be combined to a full chair, a settee or a bench.

Via Plus Design.