Cloud Nine by Richard Frinier

Cloud Nine by Richard Frinier
Cloud Nine Lounge Chair by Richard Frinier

Cloud Nine

When you’re sitting on cloud nine you are supposed to be in Heaven. Maybe you feel the same if you are sitting on Richard Frinier‘s Cloud Nine Lounge Chair while sipping a nice cocktail.

Red Zeta Lounge Chairs by Paul Tuttle

Zeta Chairs by Paul Tuttle

Zeta Lounge Chairs by Pair Paul Tuttle

Designed for the Swiss Strassle Collection

Via Live Auctioneers.

The Ultimate Nest Chair: Giant “Bird’s” Nest for Breeding Ideas by O*GE

This human-sized and giant by bird standards nest by O*GE is a prototype of a new kind of a socializing space, a “morph of furniture and playground.” The soft and spacious product was created so that the users could get in for an informal meeting, play, think, get inspired, get creative and come up with new ideas.

With 3 sizes being available to be made on demand, the biggest version is 4.50 m in diameter and can host up to 16 people at once! Who’s in?

O*GE Creative Group was founded by an award winning architect duo Gaston Zahr and Merav Eitan who currently live in Haifa, Israel. They founded O*GE Interactive Gallery, a cross-over experience on art / architecture / design / ecological issues & social responsibility with its connected practice, O*GE Architects, in 2007.

Aeroply by Karolina Ferenc

Aeroply chaise lounge by young Polish designer Karolina Ferenc is designed to fit a woman’s curves. Enough said, take a look instead!..


Shell Chair by Marco Sousa Santos

Lisbon-based designer Marco Sousa Santos of Branca-Lisboa has created ‘Shell’, a lounge chair composed of exposed plywood. An array of wooden pieces disperse into a cocoon shape supported by organically emerging legs. The “ribs” are intended to hold pillows and cushions which would adjust to any body shape while allowing each user to personalize their own small sanctuary.