Blush by Sofie Brunner

Blush by Sofie Brunner

Blush by Sofie Brunner

Via penchant-for-design:

BLUSH is a unique lounge chair that aims at stimulating the senses.

Working from the concept of haptic design (design that stimulate the sense of touch), BLUSH has a contrasting and playful appearance that invites the user to explore the materials, construction and comfortability. The chair consists of a faceted hard aluminum shell in which a perforated pattern has been laser-cut. Using a brush binding technique, the holes are upholstered with strips of hand printed felt. This results in a soft and tactile front upholstery and a pixel-like upholstered back.

Overall BLUSH has a surprisingly austere expression that is softened by the blushing felt loops that flourish across the chair.

(Source: Sofie Brunner)

Aston Martin Lounge Chair

Aston Martin Lounge Chair

Aston Martin Lounge Chair

Via zerido:

Aston Martin (via Burzsuj)


F1 – Lounge Chair by Alexander Christoff

F1 - Lounge Chair by  Alexander Christoff Front
F1 - Lounge Chair by  Alexander Christoff Side view

F1 – Inspired Lounge Chair

Ferrari F1 inspired Chair by Bulgarian based chair designer Alexander Christoff

Via Behance.

Shopping Cart Lounge Chair by Mike Bouchet


Shopping Cart Lounge Chair

Via Design Boom.

Beast by Neri Oxman



Beast Lounge Chair Study

Beast is an organic-like entity created synthetically by the incorporation of physical parameters with digital form-generation protocols. A single continuous surface, acting both as structure and as skin, is locally modulated for both structural support and corporeal aid. Beast combines structural, environmental, and corporeal performance by adapting its thickness, pattern density, stiffness, flexibility, and translucency to load, curvature, and skin-pressured areas respectively.

Neri Oxman

Architect and designer Neri Oxman is assistant professor of media arts and sciences at the MIT Media Lab, where she directs the Mediated Matter research group. Her group explores how digital design and fabrication technologies mediate between matter and environment to radically transform the design and construction of objects, buildings, and systems.

And if you put it upside down we are at our usual quest again: Chairchez La Femme (look for the lady).

Via Neri Oxman.


Just one day after this post Neri is featured in Arch Daily.

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