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Why Hilda loves the Marshmallow Sofa

Marshmallow Sofa by George Nelson
Hilda Marshmallow sofa

The Hilda Stories: The Woman on the Marshmallow Sofa from Herman Miller on Vimeo.

Why Hilda loves the Marshmallow Sofa

Hilda Longinotti has worked with George Nelsons for 21 years. Listen why she loves the Marshmellow Sofa.
An excellent story for our Chairchez La Femme series and found on the Herman Miller blog.

Slashed by Charlotte Kingsnorth

Slashed by Charlotte Kingsnorth Sideview

Slashed by Charlotte Kingsnorth Front

Slashed by Charlotte Kingsnorth

About Charlotte Kingsnorth

Born and raised in London 1985, Charlotte Kingsnorth is an industrial designer with an artist’s vision, melding together the practical and the sculptural. She uses her designs to narrate the world as she sees it, conjuring up thought provoking ideas which push accepted values and boundaries. Her work demonstrates her preoccupation in materiality and biomorphic forms.

Charlotte trained at Buckinghamshire University in the class of 2006 Contemporary Furniture and Product Design. In 2012 she graduated from the Royal College of Art, where she studied Design Products under Tord Boontje. Since graduating her work has been widely acclaimed, published and exhibited internationally.

Charlotte Kingsnorth’s Studio is based in Maida Vale, London

Via Charlotte Kingsnorth