Ssstoell by Charlotte Girod

Ssstoell by Charlotte Girod
Ssstoell by Charlotte Girod sideview

Ssstoell by Charlotte Girod

The chair came in front of my own camera’s lense. Hence a repeat here of the “SSstutterr” Ccchairr or Ssstoell by Dutch Interior Architect Charlotte Girod.

More to Less Chair by Willem Ontwerpt

More to Less Chair

Willem Ontwerpt is a Dutch designer who designed this More to Less Chair in the dire 2010 economic circumstances to remind us.

Under the bulging prosperity lies a slimmed-down form, just the part that is important and supporting. The fat layer is as a cover for the frame and can be removed by loosening the ropes. The ropes symbolize our commitment to the current system of consumption and excess.

via Willem Ontwerpt

Wicker Woman

Wicker Woman

And then I discover a blog site by Wicker Woman. All about weaving chair seats.

Dinosaur Blogger Confessions is my fave post…

50 Sad Chairs – Book by Bill Keaggy

50 sad chairs

50 Sad Chairs – Book by Bill Keaggy

Never knew of its existence until I found it on the web.

Take a peek inside the cruel and unforgiving world of St. Louis, Missouri’s abandoned, abused and neglected chairs. Found in back alleys all over the city, these chairs live out their last days on mean streets, forsaken by their owners and forgotten by society. Until now.

Via 50 Sad Chairs

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Franquin’s armchair by Leblon Delienne – M & O 2017 (04)

Franquin's Armchair

by Leblon Delienne

Leblon Delienne is a French producer of Mainly comic strip oriented figurines. Inspired by André Franquin, a famous Belgian comic strip cartoonist, artists of Leblon Delienne have designed this Franquin chair.