Chip Chair by Lucie Koldova – 2018 IMM Cologne 04

Designer Lucie Koldova has been invited by the IMM Cologne organisation to create Das Haus, a special exhibition with her view on the future of furniture.
She has collaborated with TON CZ, as a successor of one of the original Thonet factories well versed to create new forms of bentwood furniture. From this collaboration originated the Chip chair. The back clearly alike a potato chip rather than a chair made from wood chips as other chip chairs on this blog show.

At first I’ll share my own photos with my dear readers. Later I’ll share TON CZ photo’s.

Moai Lounge Chair by Philip Bro Ludvigsen – 2018 IMM Cologne 03

Moai Lounge Chair front view

Moai Lounge Chair side view

Moai Lounge Chair

Is a design from Philip Bro Ludvigsen of 2016 for Softline DK.

Philip Bro Ludvigsen was born in Australia in 1962 and educated at the The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design.
He founded his own design studio in Copenhagen and in his short career, he has already designed an impressive number of products and projects ranging from suburban trains to candlesticks.

Softline DK

Did I ever feature Softline? (Just checking Softline in my site search? see right column top): The answer is “No” the Softline that comes up is an Italian factory and this Softline is a Danish company. Hence the addition DK by me.
Originally Sofline was established as the furniture division of K.Balling-Engelsen a/s in 1979. The company was producing polyurethane foam for the Nordic furniture industry. Softline was created to make functional furniture for the modern lifestyle, using the foam.

Europa by Ron Arad – 2018 IMM Cologne 02

Starting my series of posts about me visiting Imm Cologne 2018 could be worse than with the Ron Arad designed Europa Chair.

The reason is Draenert celebrates its 50ieth Anniversary while displaying this chair that they produced and which is in the collection of various musea.

Draenert was founded in 1968 by Karin and Dr. Peter Draenert and is today a topbrand of the international furniture design. Meanwhile the company is managed by Dr. Patric Draenert of the second generation. Currently we export to more than 50 countries. Important pillars for the sustainable business success are a sound financial structure as well as highly trained and dedicated employees.

Revés Armchair by Muka Design Lab

Revés Armchair

Revés Armchair

Revés Chair by Muka Design Lab

is a chair midway between Poltrona and chair, which collects, embraces and permits to feel protected. It can be used in reading mode, or in talk mode, only by repositioning the hood. It is made with a beech structure with oil treatment, this upholstered in textiles Trevira two pleasant bitone and with a soft touch. The beech wood is widely used in the northern Spain for making traditional furniture. Fabrics are eco-label and are free of heavy metals.It is manufactured by carpenters and craftsmen from La Rioja and upholstered in Bizkaia.

Another post for another armchair of Muka design Lab. This one has a combined high and low back and gives a modern interpretation for the High Back or Wingback chairs that protect you against wind and eyes from behind.

Murcia by Muka Design Lab

About Murcia

Grey wintertime makes me lounge for a summer moment and Murcia offers the correct sphere!
Funny. I copied the photo’s from their site Mukalab and each photo came with the following text:

Outdoor Collection for Mindo designed by Muka Design Lab (2017).
Murcia, is a outdoor furniture collection, designed by Muka in 2016, it consist in a love seat, a simple sofa, an adjustable loungechair, a coffee table and side table, to complete a set of pieces that give versatility to compose a terrace.
The structure is made of lacquered aluminum, which is the support for another interior structure covered with rope, as if it were a nest, transmits security and allows interior ventilation, ideal for hot places. The backs and seats are completed with upholstered cushions in special outdoor fabric, which brings warmth from other types of outdoor fabrics.

About Muka Design Lab

Muka Design Lab was established in 2011 by Laxmi Nazabal and Lucas Abajo

Laxmi Nazabal graduated in Fine Arts and brings creativity, color and aesthetic to their projects. She met Lucas studying a grant for the DZ-Design Center in Product Design at the Coventry University School of Arts and Engineering where they both graduated with honors in 2006. After graduating, Laxmi worked in ONN Arquitectura Interior focused on interior design and furniture design. After gaining experience, in 2011 they founded Muka Design Lab to pursue the exploration of their own unique concepts.

Lucas Abajo has a degree in Engineering in Industrial Design bringing structure, form and shape to create balanced designs that reflect harmony with their surroundings. Lucas met Laxmi studying on a grant for the DZ-Design Center in Product Design at the Coventry University School of Arts and Engineering where they both graduated with honors in 2006. After graduating, Lucas worked in Weiss Design, ADN Design and LNKIDO as freelance focused on product design, stands design and interior design. After gaining experience working in those product design studios, in 2011 they founded Muka Design Lab to pursue the exploration of their own unique concepts.

About Mindo

Mindo USA:

Mindo was formed in 2007 by four friends and university classmates who had a common idea and goal: to find a product that they could design, produce and market worldwide. Each brought a different skill level and experience to the group and shortly after graduation, they created the Mindo Collection in the factory they acquired outside Shanghai. After the product line was designed, prototyped and launched, it met with immediate success in the European, Middle East and local markets for both hospitality and retail requirements.

Building on this experience, Mindo has formed a U.S. corporation and opened warehouses with offices in California and Florida so that the collection will be available to the North American hospitality and trade-related markets on the local level.

It is a bit pity Mindo doesn’t give credits to its designers…

Via Yanko Design