PP530 Tub Chair by Hans Wegner

Green Tub Chair by Hans Wegner
Black Tub Chair by Hans Wegner
The green PP530 Tub Chair by Hans Wegner I saw in the Danish Design Museum.
PP Mobler about it:

Conceived in 1954 the Tub Chair was a pioneering experiment, and it turned out to be the most advanced shell chair design Wegner ever did, as the back of the chair is a complicated double bent shell comprising two individual shapes: One that is bent and one that is both bent and twisted.

Even besides the complexity of the back, the Tub Chair is a unique fusion, where Wegner merge the moulded plywood technique with upholstery and traditional work in solid wood and even adding a metal angle adjustment mechanism for the back. It is one of the most striking and brilliant examples of Wegner’s vision and courage, and still it is a most practical, usable and comfortable chair.

However, the Tub Chair was not technically possible to produce in a rational way within the lifetime of Wegner. As our techniques have developed, PP Møbler has been able to produce this great tribute and introduce this bold design in celebration of the 100 years anniversary of Wegner, one of the greatest designers of all times.

The black one I found at the auction site of Phillips where an early model was sold for UK pound 50,000 in October 2015

The Catalogue about it:

The present lot is one of two known period examples of the ‘Tub’ chair, a model which did not enter into wider production during Hans J. Wegner’s lifetime. The chair seat is composed of two pieces of fabric-covered moulded plywood. It rests on a dramatically angled oak base and is supported by a brass mechanism that allows for adjustment of the back angle. Its complexity prohibited fabrication in greater number, though it was included in the 1954 Cabinetmaker’s Guild exhibition in Copenhagen. The chair is a notable example of Wegner’s explorations into the possibilities of plywood, but ultimately the demands of employing both laminate and solid wood construction concurrently were too great and he chose to focus on the latter.

The design of the ‘Tub’ chair shares the intuitive elegance of Wegner’s other furniture, and references certain features of his most well-known chair designs specifically. While structurally more elaborate, the clamshell-form seat relates to the ‘Peacock’ chair (1947) and the forceful forward movement of the base to the ‘Folding’ chair (1949). The ‘Tub’ most closely anticipates Wegner’s ‘Shell’ chair of 1963. It is notable that even a decade after the introduction of the ‘Tub’, the ‘Shell’ form was still considered too radical for its time. It was following the ‘Shell’ chair designs that Wegner closed the chapter on his experiments with plywood. However by 1989 it was picked for the cover of the catalogue for the exhibition celebrating Wegner’s 77th birthday and has since become one of his most iconic masterpieces. The present chair is consequently a rare illustration of some of his earliest career-defining ideas.

LM92 or Metropolitan Chair by Ejner Larsen & Aksel Bender Madsen

LM92 or Metropolitan Chair by Ejner Larsen & Aksel Bender Madsen

The LM92 or Metropolitan Chair by Ejner Larsen & Aksel Bender Madsen was designed in 1949. Carl Hansen and Son have it in production.

The Metropolitan Chair was designed by the duo Ejner Larsen and Aksel Bender Madsen. With its organic form and high quality of craftsmanship the Metropolitan chair falls within the golden era of furniture history, known as Danish Modern.

Larsen and Bender Madsen designed approximately 300 works, and thus put their clear mark on Danish design over the years. Of these the Metropolitan Chair is considered their most significant.

The chair got its breakthrough at the exhibition The Arts of Denmark at the Metropolitan Museum of Arts in New York in 1960, where the most prominent of Danish design was showcased. It was consequently named the Metropolitan Chair.

Metropolitan Chair is produced in solid oak or walnut and is available in two variants: One fully upholstered in saddle leather (LM92), the other combining a leather-upholstered seat with an exposed veneer back (LM92T).

Black CH 29 or Sawbuck Chair by Hans Wegner

Black CH 29 or Sawbuck Chair by Hans Wegner
CH 29 or Sawbuck Chair by Hans Wegner dates from 1953 and is still produced by Carl Hansen and Son. Photo taken in their Copenhagen show room.

Rocking Chair by Reed Hansuld

Via a post of Core 77 I came across Reed Hansuld a chair designer based in NYC but originating from Canada.

CH468 Oculus Chair by Hans Wegner

Red CH468 Oculus Chair by Hans Wegner

Black CH468 Oculus Chair by Hans Wegner

Hans Wgener designed the Oculus Chair in the sixties. Only few were made in the sixties for special occasions. In regular production by Carl Hansen and Son since 2010.