Happy Easter 2015 – Egg Chairs

Happy Easter!

That’s what we wish to all our readers.

For a change I’ve picked some of the egg chairs we have featured already on the blog.

Raquel Welch
Raquel Welch in an egg chair.


Not another Egg Chair


Thonet no. 2 Nest Egg by Harriet Goodall

Doctor Riter’s Ergo Chair

Red Djinn by Olivier Mourgue

Red Djinn

Red Djinn by Olivier Mourgue

Always nice. For sale at a 1stdibs seller.

Dali Lips Sofa


Dali Lips Sofa

Salvador Dali and his Lips sofa.

Berlage Armchair

Berlage Armchair _MG_8419A

Berlage Armchair

Hendrik Petrus Berlage didn’t like curves. In his younger years he tried to avoid curves as much as possible especially in his furniture design. This sideview of one of his later armchairs shows he is on the verge of lifting the curve ban. Also his way of constructing the declining back without having to bend the back shows here in a particular way.

Green Chair Sculpture

Green Chair Sculpture
Found this armchair Sculpture in The Hague where I live. Will give you more details whenever I find them.