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Rip Chair by Laufer and Keichel – 2015 IMM Cologne 02

walnut rip I56A1777
I’ve featured the Rip by Laufer and Keichel earlier in 2011. Then there was a green and a white one on display at the Schneiderschram booth. Now I can Share an oak and a walnut wooden one. They do sit well!

Rattan Chair – 2015 IMM Cologne 01


I’ll Start reporting of my visiting IMM Cologne with a Rattan Chair.

PIRNAS, or Pusat Inovasi Rotan National or Indonesia Rattan Innovation Center had an interesting booth at 2015 IMM with several newly developped rattan chairs. This Takhta Armchair is designed by Anastasia Sulemantoro. In any case, if you are interested in rattan chairs, look at the manufacturers list of PIRNAS.