Balancing Egg Eimer


Admitted, the chair is not essential here, it’s more like a prop. But this “Eiereimer auf stuhl mit Pappsockel” by Hans Peter Feldmann uses a chair. So a place for eternity for the Egg Eimer and its chair đŸ˜‰

Modern Sofa – 2015 IMM Cologne 06


I found this sofa with different classic backrests at the IMM Cologne in 2015, but don’t know by whom.

737 Cowling Chair


Via Julia, who mainly posts on our FB page: The 737 Cowling Chair by Fallen Furniture:

Created from the engine cowling of an Boeing 737, this colossal, luxurious chair, spins weightlessly, on its highly polished spun aluminium base. Stood in its original orientation, this immense, captivating structure, is the epitome of luxury seating.

Hah take your e-reader and let this chair suck you up as the original. Bye Bye world đŸ˜‰

Collapsed Rietveld Red and Blue

Rietveld Red and Blue _56A7532a_1

I found this tongue in cheek postcard of a collapsed Rietveld Red and Blue chair in a museumshop.

Tubular Chair by René Herbst

Tubular Chair by Rene Herbst

Tubular Chair by René Herbst

RenĂ© Herbst belonged to the French Modernists or Avant Garde in the Interbellum – the time between the two World Wars, WW I and WW II. This tubular chair is a steel one which deviates from his better known aluminum chairs.
Source: The Red List