Concrete Element Bench

Sitz Beton 00

Sitz Beton 01

Cleaning up and talking of concrete…I had these photos of a Concrete Element Bench on my computer for ages. I pinched them somewhere from a German site, hence they are coined Sitz Beton, which means as much as concrete to sit on.

3,750 kg of concrete to sit on royally…

They are from ….

Concrete Chair by Jan Marlon Jander



Found the chair at

Schwing: Rocking Stool by Ismail Oezalbayrak

Schwing Rocking Stool by Ismael Oezalbayrak

Schwing is not a typo for showing. Schwing is German for Rocking. This Rocking Stool is designed by Ismail Ozalbayrak, a design student at the HfbK Hamburg.
It consists of a very light upper part, made of painted fiberglass and a concrete lower part.
Due to its unique shape it stays in balance all the time.
The stool will be produced by Stilwerk GmbH in Germany. Stilwerk is German for Style Work 🙂

You’ve made a rocking use of concrete, Ismail!

Josefine Premberg, Levande sten (Living stone), Ljusfesten

Concrete armchair josefine_premberg

I’ve borrowed this photo from a blog that indicated it didn’t want to be advertized here, but I was allowed to keep the photo….

Added August 24, 2009:


I found a better photo of Josefine Premberg’s concrete armchair at HD.SE

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Artwork: Concrete Chair by Stefan Zwicky

Concrete Chair by Stefan Zwicky