Horny by Helmut Palla

Horny by Helmut Palla Turniture 2014-04-28 10-49-38

Horny by Helmut Palla

I feature chairs with horns seldom, but gladly make an exception for Helmut Palla who coined this rocking chair as Pushmi-Pullyu

Chairchill by Helmut Palla


And another Helmut Palla Chair concoction. The Chairchill. Clearly waiting for the lady to take place and fill the lines with her curves. Hence placed in our Chairchez La Femme series. Also to let you know that after some searching I found Helmut’s FB page back…no I’m not linking to FB anymore….they’ve earned enough already with their Ipo yesterday. Wonder what the their opening will be on Monday….

Rocking Cha Cha Chair by Helmut Palla

Rocking Cha Cha Chair by Helmut Palla

Helmut Palla

I discovered Vienna, Austria, based Helmut Palla only after he had discovered us via FaceBook. Then he revamped his site (could have done a better job imho). But when I discovered Tristan Cochrane‘s Fish Rocking Chair I also discovered that Saatchi Online also represents Helmut Palla (and are providing me with better photos to share with you than dear Helmut himself).

This Cha Cha Rocking chair is for sale there for $6,500.00.

I hope to visit him once in his studio when Vienna is my travel destination again (usually once or twice a year).

Sitting Wheel by Helmut Palla

Sitting Wheel by Helmut Palla
And don’t forget the Sitting Wheel by Helmut Palla.

Piano “Stool” by Helmut Palla

Helmut Palla is a real tongue in cheek chair designer based in Vienna. I have disregarded him too long here. His Klovier Hocker – German non expression that could be translated as “Stool with parts I’ve cut from the piano” – is one from 1996.


Wood, iron or words, all of them are cutted, deformed, distorted, disarranged. Sort of violence so I try to minimalize the injury of the existing & maximize the effect of the new impression with the precision of a surgeon. Sometimes it’s amputation, reducing to the essence, keeping only the bones & the identity.

You can count him in the same league – of Poetic Chair Clowns maybe(?) – as Pablo Reinoso and Martino Gamper