Orange Link Chair by Tom Dixon

London’s institute of contemporary arts is holding its ‘Figures of Speech’ fund raising gala dinner February 27th.
This year’s event will be accompanied by an exhibition of works by seven designers based on the theme of ‘one object, one lifetime’. commissioned by the ICA and Veuve Clicquot, each piece uses the signature yellow of the brand’s packaging. The Orange Link Chair by Tom Dixon was among the designs commissioned for the event

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Nestt Kid Car Seat

Nestt Kid Car Seat

Nestt Kid Car Seat

The members of Chicago-based think/thing aspire to give form to thought by concentrating foremost on the ideas, dreams, and goals of a design. By means of this methodology, nestt aims to be the best car seat in the world.

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Bouloum by Oliver Mourge

This human body shaped chaise lounge is named the bouloum lounge. With its anthropomorphic form, the Bouloum was named after a childhood friend of its designer, Olivier Mourgue, who took the charismatic seat with him when he travelled… even going so far as photographing it in various situations and writing anecdotes. As comfortable as it is provocative, one simply must experience the Bouloum to fully understand it. But be warned… once experienced, you will simply have to have one of your own…. it is that comfortable. Playful and practical, Bouloum is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

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Dharma Lounge by Palette Industries

The Dharma Lounge is designed by Alberta, Canada, based design studio Palette Industries, and is an interesting approach for a chair. The use of laser cutters in furniture design is starting to make these typographic efforts relatively easy to produce. The Lounge chair is cut to display the following saying:
Acknowledge &

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Soft Low by Mika Tolvanen

Soft Low Chair by Mika Tolvanen

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