Richard Neutra Boomerang Chair

Sometimes I don’t know anymore where I found certain photo’s and seem not able to reconstruct how I found them. Mostly I don’t give up, but for Richard Neutra I make an exception, because there are not many Neutra Chairs…

Treetrunk Settee by Joaquim Tenreiro

Treetrunk Settee by Joaquim Tenreiro

If you search Joaquim Tenreiro, you automatically find R & Company who have several Tenreiro chairs in stock. They specialize in Brazilean design. Good to know.

Classic Giant Chair

Giant Classic Chair

I found this classic giant chair in a shop-window of Utopic_US in Madrid.

Upside Down by Eli5e



Upside Down by Eli5e

Elise Luttik is a Dutch designer based in Amsterdam who has named her design studio very cleverly (online search machines love it) Eli5e. She presented her Upside Down chair in Milan for the first time. Interestingly she is not a graduate from Eindhoven, but from Delft, Master Integrated Product Design, Delft University of Technology (2005 – Feb 2007).

Photography by Lisa Klappe

An excellent Chairchez La Femme post.

PP 266 Bench by Hans Wegner

PP 266 Bench by Hans Wegner

PP 266 Bench by Hans Wegner 2

PP 266 Bench by Hans Wegner

Feeling quite confident about the strength and agility of the pp66 Chinese Chair, Wegner was bold enough to develop the construction by designing a bench thus creating an even stronger character. For Wegner this is the only example of this kind of progression of shape and design, from wooden armchair to bench, and thus the Chinese Bench remains a unique and extraordinary accomplishment.

The Chinese Bench remained a prototype until 1991 when it was finally possible to put it into production, thanks to the pioneering experiments at PP Møbler with the pre-compression wood bending technique.

Still the Chinese Bench poses a great challenge to even the most skilled craftsmen, not merely because of the woodwork, but also because the long paper cord seat demands an unusual degree of accuracy in order to appear linear.

Via PP Mobler