2 Seat by Studio 201

2 Seat

2 Seat

2 Seat

2seat is a chair with two faces that invites you to interact in a new manner with the most often used object, the chair. It is an interactive design due to the fact that by simply turning the chair over, you transform it into a low chair, and the process can be reversed. Both sides are carefully designed, in relation one to each other, in order to control the final volume but without compromising the ergonomy of either one.

Material: birch plywood with natural finish lacquer.

Sizes: L 810 mm x l 400 mm x h 790 mm

Photo Credit: Mihnea Ghildus & 201 Design Studio

Via 201 Design Studio

About Studio 201:

Bucharest, Romania, based 201 Design Studio was founded in 2012 by Ene Mira & Stanciulescu Codrin. They received various international awards and acclaims.

Veega Tankun Knitted Chairs

Veega Tankun

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Richard Neutra Boomerang Chair

Sometimes I don’t know anymore where I found certain photo’s and seem not able to reconstruct how I found them. Mostly I don’t give up, but for Richard Neutra I make an exception, because there are not many Neutra Chairs…

Treetrunk Settee by Joaquim Tenreiro

Treetrunk Settee by Joaquim Tenreiro

If you search Joaquim Tenreiro, you automatically find R & Company who have several Tenreiro chairs in stock. They specialize in Brazilean design. Good to know.

Classic Giant Chair

Giant Classic Chair

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