Coolia’s Icecream Cone Stool

Coolia's Icecream Cone Stool

Coolia’s Icecream Cone Stool

Coolia is a nickname I’ve invented for my cool coauthor Julia Osovskaya (don’t forget to read all posts of Julia) and when I found this photo on her FB timeline I couldn’t resist publishing it here.

Back to Basics

Proud_ Grandpa_MG_6124A

Back to Basics

You may have noticed the publication frequency was low in the past period. That had 4 reasons:

  1. I was very busy running my small hotel Haagsche Suites.
  2. Two Grand Children were born in the last three months. Now I’m the proud Grandpa of 4 and I’ve enjoyed every minute with them thus far.
  3. We have had a very nice summery period here in The Netherlands, so I’ve taken off and went to the beach sometimes
  4. I was running an experiment to host this site on another server from another hosting company. If you’re interested you can read more about the adventure at Happy Hotelier

Bear Chair _MG_6151
And I bought a set of Bear Chairs….to spend some more time on our terrace 😉

I’ve brought back the possibility to auto translate our English posts in 60 + languages. Auto translation is not ideal, but it may help all our foreign language fans.

And we’re back at Dediserve.

Stay tuned!

Orange Egg Chair by Arne Jacobsen

Orange Egg Chair by Arne Jacobsen Front

Orange Egg Chair by Arne Jacobsen-3316

Orange Egg Chair by Arne Jacobsen

This is post number 100 and the final post in a series 100 Orange Chairs for Inauguration Day.

Yay! We succeeded. If you wish, you can congratulate us. Also you can still congratulate us for our 6th Anniversary 100 posts earlier 😉

When I started the series I was not sure I could find 100 decent orange chairs. Prior we had featured only 20 orange chairs. Now even with the help of various people I’ve found more than 100 orange chairs. I’ll feature them in the near future, but the series 100 Orange Chairs for Inauguration Day will be limited to the 100 orange chairs featured.

Thank you all for enduring this diarrhea of chair posts today!

I was planning to feature an Orange Thonet no. 14 as the 100th chair, but couldn’t find a decent one. Therefor I conclude the series with a famous chair Arne Jacobsen originally designed for the SAS Hotel in Copenhagen in the 50ies. After all I’m a hotelier with a chair hobby.

Stay with us in May which we have coined blue chair month.

Chair Blog’s 6th Anniversary – Democracy Rules Chair

Chair Blog's 6th Anniversary - Democracy Rules Chair

Chair Blog’s 6th Anniversary – Democracy Rules Chair

Exactly 6 years ago I started this blog. A big thanks you to all our readers who made it grow and grow.

Rather than looking back, I would like to look forward to this day:

Chair Blog’s 6th anniversary coincides with Inauguration Day in my country, The Netherlands. Today H.R.H. Prince Willem Alexander of the Netherlands will be inaugurated as King of The Netherlands. His wife H.R.H. Princess Maxima will get the personal title Queen of The Netherlands.

As an intro to our today’s attempt to feature 100 Orange Chairs for Inauguration Day to remember and celebrate Inauguration Day, I want to start the day with this Democracy Rules Chair. Back in the 17th Century The Netherlands became one of the first Republics of the World and is now one of the last Kingdoms of the World.

Always special those Dutch.

Via dailydosiscaffeine:

Democracy Rules Chair

(via DeMilked)

Revamping Chair Blog

As you can see, I’m in the process of quickly revamping the site with another theme. Reason is that it seems the Thesis Theme is giving the site hiccups and makes it disappear from time to time. Stay tuned!

Image borrowed from Crazylittlethingcalledblog.

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