Lese+Lebe by Nils Holger Moormann


Lese+Lebe by Nils Holger Moormann 2

Lese+Lebe is German for Read+Live

In a clever way Nils Holger Moormann brings together the traditional North German StrandKorb and a book case.

‘Hieronymus im Gehäuse’, a beach chair on the sea, a Lokomotive dining compartment – Lese+Lebe awakes pictures in us. An escape in the room, which invites you to just sit down and relax while having a cup of tea and browsing in your favourite book.

The back of the two-seater is formed by the shelf itself. On the left or right side of the backrest, a board can be folded down as a table. This makes it possible to access the shelf from both sides. Hidden under the seat are extendable footrests and drawers with a lot of space for stowing.

Found via smow.com.

Plus I’ve updated the Chair Bookcase Combination category.


And here is a photo of an “original” Strand Korb

Strand Korb

New England High Back Beach Chair

New England High Beach Chair
Yess! Living in the Hague and near its beach resort Scheveningen sometimes makes me nostalgic. Wishing the Scheveningen high back beach chair back on the Scheveningen beaches. In the our category Beach Chair you’ll find some examples and some new designs that could replace the original ones. Thanks to Aubergine Color I’ve found evidence that a similar chair must have been en vogue in New England.

KUBE by Ego

Ego’s new KUBE is not just a chair. Depending on your needs, it can easily be a pouf, a lounger, a sunbed and even a coffee table, too. Pool party, anyone?

High Back Beach Chair with Sleeping Beauty

Browsing in the Flickr Commons I found this High Back Beach Chair photo dating from 1917. The High Back Beach Chair was common in Scheveningen from around the 1850ies until the 1960ies. The inside is clearly lined with a nice warm blanket. So the photo was not taken in high summer.
In my post Kaigan for Ahrend you can find more about this model.

Dutch or Scheveningen Beach Chair by Marijn van der Poll: Kaigan for Ahrend

Dutch Beach Chair Kaigan by Marijn van der Poll
Huzzay! Dutch designer Marijn van der Poll has taken up my plea in a series of posts to revive the Scheveningen or Dutch Beach Chair:

  1. Postcard from Scheveningen, a Plea to Revive the Scheveningen Beach Chair.
  2. Possible to Revive the Scheveningen Beach Chair Design?
  3. High Back Beach Chair by Patricia Urquiola.
  4. Leather Button Upholstered Porters Chair at Bonhams.
  5. Showtime Highback by Jaime Hayon.
  6. The High Back Beach Chairs (Strandkorf or StrandKorb) of Bartelmann.
  7. Sardegna High Back Beach Chair by Borek.

Marijn designed the Kaigan for Dutch Office outfitter Ahrend. As yet it seems only feasable for indoor use, but I hope an outdoor version follows soon.