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That’s the wonderful thing of blogging: You browse, you share, people start to find you, they link to you, they blogrol you. You reciprocate as much as possible – at least I try to do so at my press page. They start copying stuff you’ve published, and the word spreads and spreads and spreads. Slowly but gradually. Sometimes they find you, if you haven’t found them already.

Today I looked into my blog’s stats and, out of the blue, I found incoming traffic from…who? Yes! I couldn’t believe my eyes: From Chair Whore! As Jamie from Mediarosa commented on Swiss Miss who found Chair Whore a couple of days ago:”I’m always amazed when someone can make such a singular pursuit without apology. Yay for chair whores everywhere!“. I concur, Jamie, and I love your woo theme find! Have to look into it:-) Am using the Thesis theme on the significant other blog, but hesitant about using it here.


Chair Whore is an offspring of the Blue Ant Studio blog of Miami, Florida, based Joel and Maria Pirela, which in turn has an sister Blue Art Studio blog. The photo is pinched from their blogger profile.

Until now I had been sitting on my hands not to start a “Chair Porn” series of photos I took in February of a fantastic exhibition of Ron Arad chairs in Paris. I believe I dare to do it now. Thank you Chair Whore!

Off topic observations:

  1. There is a strange find when you do a Chair Whore Google: You get this a strange PDF document, referring to Dutch Colonial past, where an OCR error occurred: The document starts as follows:
    “I think, Lady Chair, I don’t know quite where to start”
    which is garbled into:
    “[PDF] I think, Lady Chair, X don’t knar quite whore to start. hcrirould …” .
  2. Read the Urban Dictionary definition
  3. Finally, because I’m a bit reading about SEO for bloggers, I noticed that during the afternoon Swiss Miss was overtaken in Google by several others. Now I’m curious what happens when I post this:-)[update 11.56pm it landed just above Swiss Miss in the Chair Whore Google Search]

The Knitted Chairs Blog

On my other blog I predicted once: The Future: Back to the Past – Knitting.

Ever since I see something pointing in that direction I notice it. Now, via Jens Tiel [site disappeared], I hit upon a blog about knitted (monobloc plastic off course) full of knitted chairs: The Knitted Chairs. They were even featured on the NY Times, The Moment Blog. There is also a Flickr group devoted to the The Not-so-ubiquitous Knitted Chairs. I hope the lady behind the blog will enable me to publish some of her photos on this blog.

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Monobloc Plastic Chairs site revived

There are people who hate them, but at least one person I know loves them dearly: German Jens Thiel of Functional Fate [Ed: Unfortunately the site has disappeared]. I wrote earlier about Jens. Recently he mentioned that he had revived his blog and I promised him this post.

Kos is an Greek island. It is part of the 12 Dodecanos islands in the Aegean Sea just near the Turkish coast.
After a short occupation of the island by the Venetians and the Genoans, Kos came under the control of the Ioanniter knights in 1314 and was ruled by them until the Turks kicked them out in 1457. These knights built strongholds and one of those forts is still a ruin next to Kos city’s harbor where I took these photos when on holiday last year and thinking of Jens’ passion. “A strange place for monobloc plastic chairs” I thought.

Strange place huh? Jens feel free to copy!

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Outdoor Lounge Chair: chairs, deck, resin, pool, patio, modern.


The Mustang lounge chair’s wide and deep seat is complimented with the beautifully angled teak arms and matching teak feet.

The interior chair frame is constructed with a rust and corrosion proof aluminum frame and have a baked on enamel finish.

The frame is wrapped with Shintotex® woven polyurethane resin wicker which is highly resistant to all weather and everyday wear and tear.

Via Outdoor Lounge Chair: chairs, deck, resin, pool, patio, modern.

Home Infatuation appears to have its own blog: Home Infatuation at WordPress…

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Chairblog mentioned in the British FT House and Home Magazine

Oops, due to my 24/7 care for our guests – see my significant other blog Happy Hotelier and my site Haagsche Suites – I forgot about it totally, despite she e-mailed me and announced it on her blog in advance:

Carolyne Taylor deemed this Blog worthy to be mentioned in the Weekend House and Home Magazine of the UK Financial Times. Thanks Carolyne!


Carolyne has her own Blog Pathchwork Harmony. Occasionally she features a chair, like in this post: Big Thank You and some Nice Chairs

Always nice when someone pats you on your back.

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