Chairblog mentioned in the British FT House and Home Magazine

Oops, due to my 24/7 care for our guests – see my significant other blog Happy Hotelier and my site Haagsche Suites – I forgot about it totally, despite she e-mailed me and announced it on her blog in advance:

Carolyne Taylor deemed this Blog worthy to be mentioned in the Weekend House and Home Magazine of the UK Financial Times. Thanks Carolyne!


Carolyne has her own Blog Pathchwork Harmony. Occasionally she features a chair, like in this post: Big Thank You and some Nice Chairs

Always nice when someone pats you on your back.

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Miranda-chair by SAMALdesign

6 legs chair concept

Designer: Dzmitry Samal of SAMALdesign (France) who also maintains a blog: Samal Design Blogspot


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::UN:: A follower of Chairblog|Tumblr and Fractal Chairs

::UN:: asks whether I was aware of the Fractal Chairs. No I wasn’t, but now I am, as I found his post when looking it up at now defunct Google Link search at Google.

I am in the process of discontinuing and gradually diminishing Chairblog|Tumblr: Adding its posts here and deleting them there….

I’m linking to ::UN::, as one of the disadvantages of Tumblr is it has no comment possibility. So I cannot comment that I was not aware of the post. Maybe ::UN:: will find this post sometimes when he tracks this post when looking up his trackbacks.

Another disadvantage of Tumblr is it doesn’t provide for an easy search function, while WordPress does.

Josefine Premberg, Levande sten (Living stone), Ljusfesten

Concrete armchair josefine_premberg

I’ve borrowed this photo from a blog that indicated it didn’t want to be advertized here, but I was allowed to keep the photo….

Added August 24, 2009:


I found a better photo of Josefine Premberg’s concrete armchair at HD.SE

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Chairs and Buildings: The Beginning

And this was the beginning of Chairs and Building … It’s a chair designer’s blog!

This is the beginning of archiving a years worth of work and putting it out into the world. Currently, Caleb and I are getting ready for a show at the Gestarc Gallery in Brooklyn and these chairs will also be exhibited at the Design Within Reach Store on Columbus Ave. in Manhattan. The opening is April 24th, 2008. The Gestarc opening is on May 1st,2008. More chairs and buildings tomorrow.
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Via Chairs and Buildings [The Post disappeared in the meantime]

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