Salon Armchair by Lee Broom

The Salon Armchair by Lee Broom is made of sumptuous fabric that is accentuated with stud detailing. The design was inspired by the curvaceous lines of 1930s upholstery so the finished result “echoes the iconic designs of luxury fashion accessories and punk rock couture”.

Have a look at how the Salon Armchair is made in Design Milk’s recent post.

Furlicious Beanbag Cover


Furlicious Beanbag Cover

Buy your teen daughter this cover for her beanbag I’m sure you will never become an empty nester…but wait… Why not spoil your wife with it?

Via Pbteen

Superstructure Easy Chair by Björn Dahlström

Swedish industrial designer Bjorn Dahlstrom designed the De Nord Superstructure Easy Chair. The sculptural, leaf-like form is made of solid oak and comes in natural, black or white with an upholstered cushion in leather or fabric.

The chair has been added to the permanent design collection at Stockholm’s Nationalmuseum.


Unifying Your Furniture: a Chair ‘Dress’ from Maezm

Sofa-Dress by Maezm is furniture ‘clothes’ that is here to make your chairs more “cushiony”. Using the product can also help unify your existing collection of diverse chairs, dictating a style theme and thus making them go together perfectly.

Sofa-Dress is made of urethan foam, its dimensions: 900 * 700 * 670.

Moody Series by Hanna Emelie Ernsting

Moody Bag 2011, photo courtesy of

The seating series “Moody” by the designer Hanna Emelie Ernsting follows the idea that “form follows moods” and consists of three pieces: Moody Couch, Moody Nest and Moody Bag.

Moody Couch kkaarrlls (limited edition) 2011

The origin of the concept is the observation that in the modern world people forget to relax and this is where the Moody series comes in, inviting the user to “express feelings and “let go”. This kind of letting go leaves traces, causing the product to change and adjust to the moods of its user by taking various shapes and forms – the product becomes ‘alive’.

Moody Nest 2010

Watch the Moody Nest in action following this link!


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