Layer Chair by Laufer and Keichel

Layer Chair

By German architects and designers Laufer and Keichel for Swedish manufacturer Offect. Offect has a very interesting and clear blog, an example for other manufacturers I would say.

Concrete Chair by Jonas Bohlin

Concrete Chair by Jonas Bohlin

Concrete Chair by Swedish designer Jonas Bohlin

Jonas Bohlin started off by making a kind of scandalous success in terms of offended Swedish functionalism at the 1981 graduation show at Konstfack, the National College of Arts, Craft and Design, in Stockholm. “We never quite recoverd from the shock his chair “Concrete” created in the Swedish design community”. Being meant as a piece of sculpture in an artistic installation, the chair of steel and concrete was obviously epitomizing a Swedish idea of post-modernism, why it was produced in a limited edition, and is currently a collector’s item.

Via Scandinavian Design.

Natura Morta by Alexa Meade


You wouldn’t believe your eyes. Would you? If I only showed you the first two photos, like me, you would think “Chair Painting”. The third photo proves us wrong:

Alexa Meade is a US based artist who paints her models strikingly real for her installations and then makes photos of them…

Art Déco lounge chair by Mauser Werke

Via Deconet I discovered Berlin Based Zeitlos (which means Timeless). It has an Art Déco tubular cantilever tubular steel lounge chair for sale. The designer is unknown. Deconet claims Mauser Werke and Zeitlos Mücke-Melder as manufacturer.

Hans Wegner’s Circle Chair pp130 by PP MØBLER


Hans Wegner’s Circle Chair pp130 by PP MØBLER

For me PP MØBLER has a website as it should be. Easy navigation and easy access to press material. Very nice photo work.

The story of PP Møbler starts in 1953. Two brothers, Ejnar and Lars Peder Pedersen, only recently graduated as carpenters, wish to set up a workshop of their own. They buy a small plot of land in Allerød and quickly gather eight young and talented cabinet makers.

The rest is history. Today, PP Møbler is one of the few remaining cabinet making workshops in Denmark. With a production covering the Japanese and the American market with furniture from Hans J. Wegner among others, the workshop is now an internationally recognised company with a strong tradition for crafting design furniture of high quality. Motivation has always been the love of wood and a stubborn belief that technique, ingenuity and craftsmanship can be combined in the strive for quality.

The craftsmen at PP Møbler are innovative and thorough working, encouraged to explore and develop skills in the constant search for a better way, a more precise way, of refining the production process, never compromising respect for the material.

The vast majority of PP Møbler’s wood supply comes from the beautiful sustainable forests of Denmark and Germany. The joy of working with wood as an organic whole makes environmental considerations a natural part of PP Møblers work ethics.

The sole purpose of PP Møbler is to create beautiful and functional furniture that can withstand daily use for generations.

Master of Craftsmen
Søren Holst Pedersen

PP has had a long working relationship with Hans Wegner. Frequently he let them develop prototypes and preproduction models of chairs he designed. Originally Hans Wegner wanted the Circle Chair be made in steel. It was PP Møbler who convinced him to do it in wood. They even constructed a special machine to create the exacting round form.

In the Circle Chair Video Hans Wegner inspects the creation of a circle chair himself.