Sit in a Tree

I saw this installation where you can sit on (hence with a bit of stretching the term coined Chair Installation) when I visited Venice for the 2007 Biennial. I was glad I found this post as I didn’t jot down what it was…even didn’t take photos myself then….

russel tipped me on this piece that ran on european tv channel, arte. guy ben-ner, assuming the role of robinson crusoe, starts with a ‘tree’ made out of dismantled ikea furniture. he then proceeds to take it apart and reassemble it into the furniture pieces he started with – a round table, a rocking chair, a chair a parasol and a sleeping loft. see more of guy ben-ner’s treehouse kit.

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Monobloc Plastic Chairs make a Dinosaur

Dinosaur skeletons made from plastic chairs

Sculptor Brian Jungen builds eerily cool dinosaur skeletons out of cut-up stacking plastic lawn chairs.

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Use Art to Sit on

NOWASTEEUR, a laborious poem from zaunka on Vimeo.

El Ultimo Grito created an impressive installation at Madrid’s ARCO that just wrapped up. The team created huge bags of 2 x 3 metres in the shape of letters and filled them with discarded packaging materials the day before the show opened. With the letters, that were also used as casual public seating during the fair, El Ultimo Grito formed words that made up part of a “poem” pertaining to waste and re-use. A video by Zaunka was made of the performance, an apt pause for reflection during the hectic activity of a typical design show. Poem after the jump.

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Mind Chair by Peter Marigold

Peter Marigold created the Mind Chair together with Beta Tank. It’s first public appearance is at MoMa’s Design and the Elastic Mind exposition starting February 24, 2008. The idea is to “see” images with the skin of your back.

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Istanbul 2003 Biennial: A Chair Installation

Doris Salcedo Chair installation at the Istanbul 2003 Biennial

Istanbul 2003 Biennial: A Chair Installation

Recently I visited the 2007 Istanbul Biennial.

While browsing the web and preparing a couple of posts for my other Blog about this visit, I thought I had missed this installation, but now I am assured that these were pictures of the 2003 Istanbul Bienial. Thanks to Pytr75 (alias Belgian Pieter van den Dorpe).