Jean Prouvé in London


Jean Prouvee Chair 2

Jean Prouvé at the Design Museum in London.

The Design Museum in London is currently showing an exhibition on the French designer Jean Prouvé titled “Jean Prouvé: the poetics of the technical object”. The exhibition is the UK’s most comprehensive look at the designers influential work. It features both furniture and architecture projects explored through drawings, films and photographs. To accompany the exhibition, the design museum will be opening Maison Tropicale, a prototype house design by Prouvé on February 5th. originally designed in the 1950ies for Colonial West Africa. The house will be installed on the grounds of the Tate Modern. The exhibition will continue running until march 23rd, while the Maison Tropical will be on show until April 13.

Via Designboom (photos by: luke hayes)

Felt covered Easy Chair by StokkeAustad

Stockholm Furniture Fair 08 / greenhouse: stokkeaustad is the design firm of Jonas R Stokke and Øystein Austad.

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Imbalanced by Fredrik Färg

stockholm furniture fair 08: imbalanced structure by fredrik färg and erika janunger

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Happy Holidays

Taranta Cathedral by Gio Ponti

With this picture of a chair like Cathedral designed by Gio Ponti, really it’s like a Royal Chair, I would like to wish all Chair Blog readers Happy Holidays! The cathedral is in Taranto.

Chair 777

Chair 777

Chair 777 is a very clever design. With a twist of your arm you can use it to sit, relax or lounge.

It’s made from recyclable cardboard by the German artists/designer collective Die Fabrik which means The Factory. Its members are probably located in Würzburg [in a prior version I had mentioned Berlin, apparently erroneously].

Via Design Spotter

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