Cloud Reclining Chair by Lisa Widén

Cloud Reclining Chair by Lisa Widén

H’m thinking about this photo: We are in need of a new category…Chairchez L’Homme next to Chairchez La Femme category 🙂

New Chairs by Infiniti Design

Found these photos from new 2010 Infiniti chairs at Contemporist. Have yet to pinpoint their name and designer.

Less Chair with the Chairless by Alejandro Aravena

Vitra introduced Chairless, a sitting strap only, designed by Chilean architect Alejandro Aravena in Milan.

Aravena was inspired by a similar sitting strap commonly used by the Ayoreo Indians living in the border region between Paraguay and Bolivia. A portion of the proceeds from Chairless will go to the non-profit Foundation for Paraguayan Indian Communities, for support of the Ayoreo Indians.

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Funny Chair Picture (Mystery Chair 004)

But the big question is: Who dunnit?

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ChairMAN Chair

ChairMAN Chair

Yes! Another designer who understands the working of a Blog.

British designer Benjamin Shine informed me via e-mail he has developed the ChairMAN chair.

Constructed from 25mm thick acrylic, ChairMAN aims to playfully demonstrate the relationship between a chair and a man, whereby the chair’s role as an object in which to sit, becomes visually interpreted through the literal and surreal form of a figure sitting, slumped back and relaxed.

ChairMAN was launched during London Design Week at the British fashion house, Aquascutum on Regent Street, where it is currently being exhibited. Available as a limited-edition series in a range of colors, Benjamin is now looking to reproduce the chair for mass market with a suitable distributor following current interest and demand.

Thanks and success Benjamin! May your chair designs shine:-)
P.S. How come you have your studio Down Under?

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