Marni Chairs Project – Milan 2012




Marni Settee

Marni Chairs Project – Milan 2012

Marni is an Italian fashion brand that takes advantage of the public attention the Salone Mobile in Milan gets to combine a couple of things:

“L’arte del Ritratto” is a photographic exhibition depicting Marni world. A project in collaboration with photographer and filmmaker Francesco Jodice, that continues, his artistic research based on the work of cataloging: the chairs, made by colombian craftsmen, became the stage where Marni employees pose: a tribute dedicated to them destined to last over time.

So it is a sort of Chair Installation where the chair functions as background for a photographic exhibition.

But it is also a rehabilitation project whereby former prison inmates try to get a new life by the production and selling of these outdoor chairs.

Part of the sales goes to a charity in Milan to enable wives of prison inmates to get on with their life. So it is a charity project as well.

The color schemes of the chairs are in line with the Marni color schemes.

Clever, but I still call it simply Chairvertizing.

Chairvertizing for Wool detergent


“What goes up must come down, Spinning Wheel” a famous song by Blood Sweat and Tears (as a blip addict I blipped it for you in case you don’t know it) is what I thought when one of my FaceBook contacts showed this photo today….Didn’t we publish a similar post eons ago? Yes, it took me some time to find it, but it was on November 16, 2008. Like I said: “Eons ago”

Mid Century Herman Miller Eames Chairs ad

Mid Century Herman Miller Eames Chairs ad

mid century herman miller eames chair ad – Chair Blog | Tumblr.

Better than the previous experiment: Tumblr from Facebook and then Press It here…

Chair as Bookcover for Linda McCartney: Life in Photographs

A clear case of Chairvertizing, a chair on the cover of a book.

Here on Linda McCartneys new photobook Life in Photographs.

My only question is: Does the person in question belong to the Chairchez L’Homme or the Chairchez La Femme category?

Via Restoration Hardware.

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