Heretic Coffin Couch by Autum

Heretic - Coffin Couch by Autum
Heretic - Coffin Couch by Autum back
Heretic - Coffin Couch by Autum Chairchez La Femme
Heritic is an apt name for a Coffin Couch created by US based Autum. Photography by Philip Ritchie

Made from an 18 gauge steel coffin. The Heretic features 4 cast iron legs that support over 800 pounds, a hand built and sewn seating area tailored from Italian leather, and a roman numeral laser engraved ID plaque. Excuses for its overwhelming personality not included. Limited production run of 3.

Found via Whitezine.

MotoArt Grumman Albatross Float Tank Couch


It looks like a torpedo, but it is a couch is made of a ca 1950 Grumman Albatross float tank:
Donovan Fell III, here together with another Don from the MotoArt team, founded MotoArt as a hobby, now a 6 member team, to give airplane parts a new life.

Inhabitat pointed me to MotoArt, (@MotoArt Studios on Twitter)

Songologo Couch by Haldane Martin


Haldane Martin is a South African furniture design company based in Cape Town. It was founded in 2002 by Haldane Martin. They design and produce all their pieces in South Africa. The company also works with architects to design interiors for offices, hotels and restaurants. In addition to the aesthetics, their furniture also pays close attention to its sustainability, using green materials
and processes whenever possible. Their approach to furniture involves a series of small collections.

Via Design Boom – Haldane Martin