Polly Folding Chair by Andrew Haarsager

Polly folding Chair by Andrew Haarsager

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Folding Chair Picks your Pocket.

The Pick Chair is a cleverly designed folding chair that flattens on your wall when unused and stored. It is designed by Israel born and NYC based Dror Beshetrit of Studio Dror and produced by Italian manufacturer BBB

It has multi use functionality, because you can combine it with a photo (hence its name), a painting, or a poster or you can let your guests use it as a guest book as the photos show.

100 Pick Chairs were exhibited to celebrate the 100st aniversary of Italian Conglomerate Mondadori in 2007.

But the “Pick Your Pocket” analogy comes with its hefty price: from US $ 1,630.

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Stitch Chair Capellini by Adam Goodrum

Stitch Chair CapelliniStitch Chair Capellini 2
Capellini (I)

moooi Clip Chair

Clip Chair by Blasius Osko & Oliver Deichmann, 2006

Specifications Material: solid beech frame, stainless steel components
Colour: stained in wenge and black, lacquered in white RAL
Dimensions: 71,5x85cm (hxd) Seating height: 30cm
photographer: Maarten van Houten

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2Modern Design Talk – Modern Furniture & Design Blog: No Design

For the next few weeks l’ll be posting about NO Design and its products. This Brazilian design office was created by a group of friends who met at college, a few years ago. Since then, all of their creations are nothing but a huge success. TANGRAN CHAIR – with the purpose of being an ecologically correct and accessible alternative for the lower classes, this chair's premise was to make good use of the OSB sheet and to reduce the number of cuts in its manufacture. The cut made for the chair's sides automatically results in the cut for the seat and the back, minimizing the expense of raw material, of the manufacturing process, avoiding waste. The chair's assembly is very easy: only eight screws for it to be ready.

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