Rock & Roll – Kids Vespa Rocking Chair

Rocking Vespa Kids Chair
While I was looking for the Vespa Chair that I know exists, but have not featured yet here, I encountered this cute Vespa Rocking Chair for kids, fiberglass made, with aluminum and steel details and working lights and clacson on Etsy.

The whole rocking chair is handmade. Not by a grand dad for his grand son, but by a Turin, Italy, based lady:

One of the most important days in my life was long time ago, when my passion for the theater was awakened.

I’m a professional scenographer and I was born in Naples (Italy), a city where the life itself is theater: so colourful and varied with so many different characters that you can manage to meet strolling around the lively streets downtown.

There, I started my profession, surrounded by the scent and the creaking of the stage boards, where illusions are painted and built to appear truer than reality.

Each one of my unique creations carries inside this overwhelming experience; each object is a part of the theater that we all live as actors or as spectators.

Captain’s Kids Chair by Christopher Stuart

Driftwood Monster
Driftwood Monster

Another bit of fun: The Captain’s Kids Chair, or Driftwood Monster. Christopher Stuart made it and it was sold in an online auction for a Chairish Children project.

Via Design Dazzle.

Yellow Chobotnica (Octopus) Kid’s Chair by Katarina Belickova

Yellow Chobotnica Kid's Chair by Katarina Belickova

Yellow Octopus Kid's Chair by Katarina Belickova

Yellow Chobotnica or Octopus Kid’s Chair by Czech (or Slovak?) Katarina Belickova.

Eames Hack Kid’s Chair

Eames Hack Kids Chair
From the backburner: Eames hack by Tom Reynolds, Tim Peet, Jared Delorenzo, Alie Thomer, Alexandra Powell, and Andrew McCandlish.

I looove this photo.

It was on exhibition at TechnoCRAFT: Hackers, Modders, Fabbers, Tweakers, and Design in the Age of Individuality from July 10, 2010 – October 3, 2010.

Where: Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA), San Francisco, CA, USA

via Design Milk.

Pally by Laura Väinölä

Pally is a stool by Laura Väinölä that comes in two sizes and can be enjoyed both by kids and grown-ups. By moving the colorful sticks which are covered in soft superlon material you can create countless patterns for the seat (watch the video below).