Cat by SerraydelaRocha for Calma

Just as a true cat should, the Cat chair by SerraydelaRocha “lives in balance and harmony with nature, prepared for survival and respectful of its environment.”

Woopy and Snoop by Karim Rashid for B-Line

Designer Karim Rashid has created this rotational-moulded chair for Italian furniture brand B-Line. Called Woopy, the hollow plastic chair is moulded in one piece, and can be used indoors and outdoors. An accompanying footstool, called Snoop, has two pockets reaching into its legs and can be stacked to form a bookshelf.

As usual, lots of color and eye-pleasing shapes! What’s interesting is that Karim’s website calls Snoop a table, but I guess if it’s good enough to be stacked and thus turned into a shelf, one might as well use it as a stool, as Dezeen suggests. Woopy, on the other hand, exists both as a chair and as a tall stool.


Skull Chair by Pool Reminds You That You Will Die – Milan 2011 (01)

Skull Chair by Pool
‘Souviens Toi Que Tu Vas Mourir’ (French for “remember that you will die”) chair by Pool is definitely one of the most interesting reminders of the mortality of all living things I’ve seen so far! I appreciate a chair with a purpose too, and would have gladly put it in my backyard (if I had one) or even by the house’s front door to add some meaning to the surrounding landscapes.

The chair is on show April 12th through April 17th at ‘Nouvelle Vague, the New French Domestic Landscape’ exhibition during the Milan Design Week 2011.


1 Ordinary and 8 Unusual Bear Chairs

1) What’s a Bear Chair?
When a Dutchman says “Bear Chair” he automatically thinks Adirondack Chair. I really don’t know why. Or, even worse, maybe it is just me. Google also comes up with the Adirondack Chair, but maybe that is because I search for Bear Chair in The Netherlands, Dutchman’s home country.

2) The Grizzly Bear as a chair
Then I saw this photo of the Grizzly Bear Chair on the Net. It inspired me to share a couple of unusual Bear Chairs here.

The Grizzly Bear Chair was presented to the then president of the USA by a famous trapper Seth Kinman. Somewhere in the 19nd century the Grizzly bear became extinct in California.

Via the Bancroft Collection.

3) Seth Kinman
Surfing a bit further I found this photo of Seth Kinman in the same or in a similar Bear Chair

4) A Baby Bear in a monobloc plastic chair
by The Retirement Chronicles: B.B. & B……Blogger Buddies and Bears!!!.

5) An antique Black Forrest Bear Armchair
Via Antiques & Interiors – Black Forest Bears.

5 A gummy Bear Chair

6) A Bear Bench
by Bear Chair pictures from scenery & nature photos on webshots.

7) A graphic Teddy Chair
wich actually is representing a concrete outdoors chair by Harmonious Palette, Bo Atkinson’s site.

8) Another Antique Black Forrest Chair
Actually A Swiss one I found somewhere.

9) Teddy Chair
And don’t forget the Teddy Chair Mido by Matti Klenell

Punctured Monobloc Plastic Chair by Tina Roeder

Perforated Mono-bloc Plastic Chair by Tina Roeder 2009

Punctured Monobloc Plastic Chair by Tina Roeder

I featured this Punctured or Perforated White Monobloc Plastic Chair (number 11 of) 33 “White Billion Chairs” by Tina Roeder earlier.

On September 26, 2009, at a Phillips de Pury London Sale it fetched £2,750, while estimated between £1,200-1,800.
SOLD AT £2,750