Cortiça Chaise Longue by Daniel Michalik : TreeHugger

A tad old, but still up to date this cork chaise:

We’ve seen today’s entry from designer Daniel Michalik before, but it’s worthy of another look and certainly deserves to be included in any “best of” sustainable design list. Made from cork that originates as the waste material from the bottle stopper industry, Cortiçça showcases cork’s tremendous potential to perform in ways unlike any other material. Says Michalik, “I have discovered that when handled correctly, the natural flexibility of cork allows it to form fantastic, complex shapes no other material can match

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Octopus Chair by Atelier Blink

Octopus Chair made by a couple of reclaimed jeans
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Transit Chair : Nerd Approved – Gadgets and Gizmos

Each Transit Chair is made from recycled metal traffic signs. The exact sign each chair is made from depends on the availability of highway signs at the manufacturer’s disposal.

Transit Chair : Nerd Approved – Gadgets and Gizmos

WalterWorks Design Gallery: The Bored Housewife Throne

The Bored Housewife Throne

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About WalterWorks

Walter Raes comes from an artistic family in St Niklaas in Belgium and moved to London in 1989.

After living in the UK, he observed, “I think that what is thrown away in London and around the world is criminal; it’s from these consumer society throw-outs, that I make my designs.”

For the last 6 years, Walter’s obsession has been creating WEARABLE & DESIGN ART entirely from household and industrial materials, frequently recycled from skips. His artistry is totally inspired by these rejects. In short, he takes the disposable remnants of our everyday lives to create his brilliant pieces, explorations in form and function.

Newspaper Extendable Bench by Charles Kaisin

This folding bench by Charles Kaisin is made from recycled newspapers.