Story Time Rocking Chair by Hal Taylor

Story Time Rocking Chair by Hal Taylor

Nice to meet

Georges Lacombe on Pinterest

I have spent almost all my life in Rio de Janeiro, now I live in São Paulo. I like arts and design and try to make my life better being surrounded them.

George is an avid Chair Blog Pinner and I’m glad we can inspire him, like he inspires us.

This time he found us this Story Time Rocking Chair by Hal Taylor. As a recent Grampa I can relate very much to this chair.

Fish Rocking Armchair by Tristan Cochrane – Milan 2012

Fish Rocking Chair by Tristan Cochrane
Fish Rocking Chair by Tristan Cochrane Detail

Fish Rocking Chair by Tristan Cochrane

Scottish designer Tristan Cochrane is a remarkable artist. After he worked 10 years in the fishing industry in Scotland he went into furniture design.

After a short period studying cabinet making and furniture design at Bucks University near London he moved to Eindhoven, the Netherlands. For almost 3 years he worked for Studio Maarten Baas before settling in Barcelona in 2011 where he recently set up a studio with partner Paula Benvegnú, an art director from Argentina who has been working in advertising for 5 years before moving to Spain.

Sardines as material for a Chair?

From the second image it is clear that sardines stood model for the material. From them Tristan created wax molds that he used to cast aluminum sardines via the forlorn Wax Method.

The rocking chair is a one off piece sculpted by Tristan. It is fully functional and made entirely from cast sardines in aluminium.
It was produced in Eindhoven, NL, at Beeldenstorm foundry in 2011.
Dimensions: 110cm x 50cm x 65cm
Weight: 30 kg


Tristan Seated on his chair. He has a nice photo series of the making of the fish chair. I can smell the studio from it;-)

Tristan is also represented by Saatchi Online. Asking price for this one off is $19,500.00.

Update: The chair will be featured in Milan.

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Vaiven Chair by Quille Cameron Mac Lean

The Vaiven Chair by Quille Cameron Mac Lean is made up of tons of small textile pieces inserted into slots cut in wood.

Do you think it’s comfortable enough? View more pictures and see their very fun “making of” video over at

Rocking Cradle by Martin Price – Indexhibit (07)



The Rocking Cradle by Martin Price is a clever one: When it is out of commission you’ll retain 2 rocking chairs!
Photos by Cemal Okten
Via Inhabitots.

Easy Willow by Boex

In lieu of chairs and trees posts, here is another “natural” wooden creation that still looks like your usual chair:

The Easy Willow chair by Boex has a light oak frame with newly cut willow in its raw state. Made from sustainable wood, and British grown willow, this is a traditionally, handcrafted chair with each piece of willow being hand sprung to form its own shape. With a slight rocking affect, the ‘Easy Willow’ is designed to naturally mould to the contours of your body.

Photos by Kristin Prisk