Champagne Cork Stool by Michael Chiarello

Care To Sit On A Giant Champagne Cork?
The folks at Wine Spectator’s Unfiltered column didn’t love it but I think the champagne cork and cage set from Michael Chiarello’s home furnishings company Napa Style is kind of kicky. Then again I’m a fan of small things made large. The cork stool in bright orange is not made of cork but of polyethylene and the stool is made of chromed steel. The fun part is that the two pieces can function as one unit or a separate stool and a table.

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Four Barstools by Jean Royère

South Kensington Sale Date Mar 04, 2008 Lot Number 0099 Sale Number 5337


Estimate 800 – 1,200 British pounds

designed circa 1945, enamelled steel, the seats upholstered as sailor’s hats 86cm. high

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Keer Chair by Reinier de Jong

Keer Chair by Reinier de Jong

Keer Chair by Reinier de Jong

Reinier de Jong‘s KEER can be a lounger of 2 different heights or a stool, or even combined to form a sofa or bench. Each lightweight polyethylene piece is 20cm (8″) wide and can be connected to another by built-in magnets so the width options of KEER are infinite.

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In a comment on the Dezeen blog there was a link to the Kiesler Chair on Retro to go pointing out there were design similarities.
Reinier had asked me eons ago to feature this chair, but I remembered also reading somewhere there are similarities with an other design.

Ah and I found the comment. It’s about Friedrich Kiesler:

not quite original, friedrich kiesler designed this concept already in 1942, for peggy guggenheim’s gallery in ny. February 17th, 2008 at 9:51 pm

dezeen Â» Blog Archive Â» Keer Chair by Reinier de Jong

Another commenter there pointed to the one MoMa has in its collection

Looking closely there seem to be similarities, but also enough differences. It took me a long time to bring these issues together in one post….

Finally another commenter:

pat Says: Saw this and immediately thought of Satyendra Pakhalé’s ‘Panther’ project for Moroso’s 50th birthday. As I remember it, ‘Panther’ follows the same principle – multiple seating formats achieved by rotating the piece. Satyendra has elaborated more on the silhouette, though. See image 2 (blue background)

dezeen Â» Blog Archive Â» Keer Chair by Reinier de Jong

But I would say…same principle yes, but a lot of difference…besides…who was earlier?

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(S)tool by Langton Stead

(S)tool by Langton Stead

(S)tool by Langton Stead

… actually more a rest than a stool.

In anticipation of the upcoming warm season, this design by English designer Langton Stead will come in handy.
s(tool) is a bent wood seat back with two garden forks attached to the bottom, when inserted into your lawn you
can sit back and relax. Langton worked in conjunction with Ercol furniture, a well known bent wood furniture maker.

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Pumpkin Stool by Lovi

Stockholm Furniture Fair 08: Pumpkin Stool by Lovi

Lovi is a small Finnish company designing birch ply Christmas-, Easter- and year-round decorations that are all flat packed as postcards so that you can easily send them to friends and family as holiday greetings. they have come up with a stool with the same patented construction principle- ‘the pumpkin’, available in two sizes.

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