D62 Swivel Chair by El Lissitzky at 2011 IMM Cologne (5)

D62 Swivel Chair by El Lissitzky - photo by chairblog
D62 Swivel Chair by El Lissitzky - photo by chairblog

It is very well possible that Jean-Paul Gaultier knew of this chair when he designed his “Ben Hur” Chair.

Anyway, the Tecta rep at the 2011 IMM Cologne booth was not aware of the existence of the Ben Hur Chair. He was just swiveling the chair that I wanted to take a photo of and kept standing in the way. Then all of a sudden there came two other photographers who claimed space to take photo’s. The life of a reporter is not always easy. But I solved it by taking a photo of one of the two guys in a D62.

El Lissitzky designed this D62 chair in 1928.

Another term for this type of armchair is Barrel Chair.

Swivel K Chair by Harri Koskinen

Swivel K Chair by Harri Koskinen
After the K Chair, Finnish designer Harri Koskinen has now developed the Swivel K Chair for Woodnotes. It rocks as well.

Finnish Adjustable Divided Salli Saddle Stool May Save Your Private Parts

This adjustable divided saddle stool may save your private parts and is probably ergonomically more correct than an undivided saddle stool.

Fins are likely less inhibited to name your private parts by the name: Mind the Gap! 🙂

Earlier I showed a video here but that disappeared from Youtube…

More Decent Nudevertising for Chairs: The Philippe Starck Ero|s Chairs

The Ero s Swivel chair, Photo Ultra Modern

I was wrong in my previous post: There are more nudevertisers for chairs. Only when I saw these pictures again, I realized I had seen them earlier.

At that earlier occasion I was not able to grab the photos efficiently and let it pass.

Now I have an efficient way of grabbing photos from all over the web, since I have installed a mini blog parallel to this blog: Chair Blog | Tumblr with widget and all and the possibility to read it in your News Reader.

So now I can keep you more up to date now. See for more background of a Tumblr account my other blog: Happy Hotelier – Tumblr and Organizing Your Blog(s).

Ero_s_Swivelchair 02
The Ero s chair, Photo Ultra Modern

About the chair

Why don’t they simply coin the chair Eros Swivel Chair? I believe they are afraid of reactions from rather puritan markets. But then: why advertise with, granted it is decent, nudity?

Ero_s_Swivelchair 03
The Ero s Swivel chair, Photo Ultra Modern

From this photo it is easy to see that this very modern chair goes well with a classic interior. i like it!
The Chair Designer is Philippe Starck, one of my favorites.
The Chair Manufacturer is Kartell

Via Luxist.