The Best of Chair Blog in August 2011

1) Flexible Sandwich Chaise by Francois Azambourg, 688 views.

Flexible Sandwich Chaise by François Azambourg

2) Top Posts of July 2011, 615 views.

3) Chairwear by Claire-Anne O’Brien, 448 views

Chairwear by Claire-Anne O’Brien

4) Inception Chair by Vivian Chiu, 444 views.

5) Articulated Skeleton on a Thonet Bentwood Chair, 435 views

Portrait of an articulated skeleton on a Thonet bentwood chair

The best of Chair Blog in August 2011

Time for our montly update. In August 2011 we’ve aired 65 posts, almost triple the number of July. Total visits 35,199. Total pageviews 76,108. July visits amounted to 36,467 and pageviews to 80,198. August is a holiday month. As usual, The best 5 mentioned are based on our Feedreader stats.

For the firsts time a top of post made it into the top 5.

Maybe an idea to do this weekly as from this post. Please give us your thoughts.

Hope to see you all back in September, just coined our Yellow Month. We love to receive suggestions! Keep the Yellow Chair ideas coming!

Top Posts of July, 2011

1) Man Stool: 527 views.

2) Mushroom Pouf from Anthropologie: 495 views.

3) Anchored Candy no2 by Vivian Beer: 484 views.


4) Luso Lounger by James Uren: 483 views.

5) Button Chair by Sanil Choi: 481 views.

Other matters had kept me personally from posting here extensively in June and July. Luckily Julia kept us afloat during these months.

Hence total visits and pageviews dwindled from 53,704 visits and 118,068 pageviews in May, 2011 (52 posts) via 41,216 visits with 88,953 pageviews in June, 2011 (10 posts) to 36,467 visits with 80,189 pageviews in July, 2011 (22 posts).

A new contributer has announced warming up to start posting in August. Hope to see him and you soon !

Update: I had to recreate this post after it got lost when we had some issues with our hosting during the first week of August, 2011.

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Top Posts of May 2011

1) Spring Chair by Kaisern Chen, 447 views.


2) Skull Cushions by Alexander McQueen for The Rug Company 442 views.

3) Tiny Dancer Chair by Hans Gottsacker 430 views

Tiny Dancer Chair by Hans Gottsacker

4) Nobel Peace Price Chair by Tino Seubert 429 views

Nobel Peace Price Chair by Tino Seubert 01

5) Catifa 46 by Lievore Altherr Molina for Arper at Skype Offices in Stockholm 427 views.

A close finish this month by our FeedBurner analysis.

Visits (53,704) and pageviews (118068), only a little bit down from April. Total number of posts in May 52, which was a slow down from April (85) and March (102), because I’ve used April and March to catch up considerably with our backlog of posts.

Thank you all for your visits and see you back in June!

Top posts of April 2011

1) Making of Eames Lounge Chair in the Vitra Atelier, 444 views.

Eames Lounge Chair

2) HarpaH by Matteo Astolfi, 409 views.

3) Sofa by John Vesey (1960), 407 views.

Sofa by John Vesey (1960)


4) Dutch or Scheveningen Beach Chair by Marijn van der Poll: Kaigan for Ahrend, 400 views.

Dutch Beach Chair Kaigan by Marijn van der Poll

5) Gazelle high back lounge chair, model 50B by Don Johnson, 397 views.

Gazelle High Back Lounge Chair Model 50B by Dan Johnson

6) Hasard Cheratte Chair, 393 views.

Hasard Cheratte Chair via RedDave


Actually I like the format of Popular posts of March 2011. Therefore I repeat it here on the basis of our feedburner stats. I hope you like it too.

Visits (53,729) and pageviews (120,765) were slightly down from March, despite the fact that March started with some considerable down time which we luckily haven’t seen in April.

Maybe due to the fact that we published 15 posts less than in March (85 versus 100) or to the fact that April gave us considerably better wheather than March.

Let’s see what May brings us all.

Chair Blog’s 4th Anniversary

American Airlines Seats

American Airlines Seats
from our most viewed post

Chair Blog’s 4th Anniversary

On April 30th, 2007 I started this blog wit 3 posts. Only last year I remembered to celebrate 3 years of blogging.

I’ll copy and paste some stats here from the WP Stats Plugin. These stats are far from complete, because the plugin has not been installed consequently during the lifetime of the blog, but it may give you an idea of our all time favorites.

Total Stats

  • 3 authors to this blog.
  • 2,533 posts were posted.
  • 7 pages were created.
  • 0 tags were created.
  • 1,504 comments were posted.
  • 475 different nicknames were represented in the comments.
  • 4 links were added.
  • 1,528 post categories were needed.
  • 2 link categories were needed.

10 Most Commented Posts

  1. Sit Decent Chair – 11 comments
  2. Zeed Armchair by Sara Leonor – 11 comments
  3. Istanbul Street Bench: Sit on a Book for a change – 10 comments
  4. TweetingSeat by Chris McNicholl – 10 comments
  5. Meet Our New Contributor Julia Osovskaya – 9 comments
  6. Sit and Read Furniture Blog – 8 comments
  7. The Living Chair “Jack” by Arthur Bodolec – 8 comments
  8. Lo Res Chair by United Nude – 8 comments
  9. Emeco: An Old Chair Manufacturer Goes Nude – 7 comments
  10. Lushpad – Fritz Hansen’s Poul Kjaerholm PK22 Chair-Cool! – 7 comments

10 Most Viewed Posts

  1. Luxury Airplane Seats – 10,426 views
  2. Puch stool by Ron Arad – 6,460 views
  3. Sensory Deprivation Skull Chair by Atelier van Lieshout – 5,377 views
  4. Chair Paintings (1): Van Gogh Chair – 5,373 views
  5. Emeco: An Old Chair Manufacturer Goes Nude – 3,358 views
  6. Rietveld: by Cassina, by Rietveld and by Jenner – 3,259 views
  7. The Edward VII Love Chair – 2,604 views
  8. Philippe Starck: Toy Chair (1999) – 2,512 views
  9. Stump stool by Eberhard Bosslet – 1,774 views
  10. B&B and Zaha Hadid: Moon System – 1,420 views

Thank you all for your support!

What are your favorite posts?