It seems as if there is no activity on the Chair Blog front. True, but only partly true.

I started to Tumblr on Chair Blog | Tumblr exactly two months ago and have since then Tumblrd 630 posts, which is an average of 10+ posts a day. It works great.

Only the conversion of Tumblr posts into Chair Blog posts is non existent. I was very busy with other matters and on top of that I have faced a couple of software- and hardware problems.

I had planned to go to Milan 2008 myself, but had to skip that.

Tumblring around I found a lot of previews and live reports about Milan 2008, so I decided to cover Milan 2008 by borrowing from other Blogs to be as complete as I would have been had I actually been there myself.

So here we go again.

Chair Blog | Tumblr – Episode 1

Chair Blog Banner

Just testing and rummaging around.

This Mini Blog is my scrap book for Chair Blog