Uncomfortable Seating (1)


Uncomfortable Seating

Out of the blue – I was invited by Candy Sylvasie of Art of the Spa to join an Uncomfortable Chair Party. What was it about? Candy had teamed up with Carrie A. Hansen of Snuggery Style and the two ladies of Moggit, Joy and Janet to organise an Uncomfortable Chair Party.

Part of the idea was to have a talk show and to have people submit their most uncomfortable chair to Snuggery Style’s FaceBook page.

Because the whole operation was scheduled on an hour I would be sound asleep, I would miss it anyway, but I couldn’t resist to offer the girls five of the most uncomfortable chairs we have featured on this blog:

Seat Down Please Pouf by Maria Kyrmosava 1) The Seat Down Pouf of barbed wire: Too prickly to sit on.

2 ) The Nano Chair, because it is really too small to sit on.

3) A prickly Cactus Sofa

4) The Shapened Pencil Chair, and

Egg Sofa5) The Egg Sofa

Which gave them a good laugh and me a good idea for this blog:

Because I have already too many categories (I know, in the opinion of some people a deadly sin against proper blogging) I’ve immediately added another one, uncomfortable seating, as a category. Thank you for this inspiration girls!

And then I received a transscript of the party:

Hehe and only now I understand what they meant: A hastag twitter chat #homespachat which they organize more frequently. I must have been under the rocks….

Anyway watch the category uncomfortable seating for more of our finds. BTW, what is your (un)fave?

Seat Down, Please Pouf by Maria Kymosova at 2011 IMM Cologne (7)

Seat Down Please Pouf by Maria Kyrmosava

Russian St Petersburg’s ArtFuture design school had a small, but interesting booth at IMM Cologne 2011. Here the barbed wire “Seat Down, Please” Pouf by Maria Kymosova…I believe it should read “Please Be Seated Pouf”. I had a laugh as many chairs at the exhibition had a sign “Please do not sit!” or “Please do not touch” which I find really really strange as a chair is an object to use, or is it?

Nano Chair by Lucas Maassen

While featuring the Molecular Chair by Antonio Pio Saracino, I had to think of the Nano Chair Dutch designer Lucas Maassen designed some time ago.

This chair is not visible with your naked eye, only with a SEM microscope. The Chair is build with a Focused Ion Beam and is 5 micron, and made from platinum.

The Proof of the Cake is in the Chair

Cakes for Design Museum's 20th birthday

I found this photo of the Cakes for Design Museum’s 20th birthday in auralab’s Flickr: Photostream. Now I need to know which chair this is.