Living Chair 1: It listens, senses, rolls and folds, but you can’t sit in it!


Danish designer Anders Huus asked me to share his Living Chair 1 with my readers. With pleasure!

Preliminary observation
Anders refers to it as LC1, but I believe that is a bit unfair toward the Real LC1 from Le Corbusier.

About the Living Chair 1
It is a chair you can’t sit in! It is created by Danish industrial designer Anders Huus and is an experiment to combining furniture design with robotics. It is brought to life by a few simple means: It reacts to light, time and life around itself. The chair rotates quite slowly around its own axis in 24 hours. Simultaneously it opens itself more as light around it becomes brighter and just like a flower it closes itself when the day is at its end. When a person approaches the chair it stops rotating, unfolds itself and greets the person by wagging its entire body. So it is Anders’aim to bring life into furniture, which certainly is not a bad thought.

About Anders Huus
Born in 1976. Worked several years with marketing and product development in the furniture industry before the studies at Designskolen Kolding. Master of Arts in Industrial Design June, 2008. Established his own design studio in September 2008.

Post Alia
On a next level I would love to have an iChair that comes with my slippers and my daily paper when I tweet and hawks: “happy to cu boss!” 🙂

Anders, I believe we need a video here! Do you have it?

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The Sharpened Pencil Chair

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Egg Sofa

Egg Sofa

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Shrink Chairs

When I started this blog, I had no idea what I would encounter. For me it was and still is an adventure. Take this example: Saul Robins who studies the chairs the New York City shrinks use to see their patients from…I must confess not the most design chairs, but they may be comfy. Actually they have to be comfy while the shrink seats in it the whole day 🙂

Initial Intake
As Featured in the New York Times House + Home Section
This ongoing body of work examines the chair of the New York psychotherapist from the point of view of their clients.
It is from this vantage point that I am interested in exploring the perceptions, associations, and responses to this very private environment.
For many, the role of the psychotherapist holds significant weight, and the importance given to him or her is one of great influence in many people’s lives.

via Saul Robbins – Initial Intake