Yellow Bachag Chair by Joongho Choi

Bachag Chair in Yellow by Joongho Choi

Carry the Bachag Chair as a Bag

And as if Designboom had heard me yell “Yellow, Yellow HoHoHo” it posts almost simultaneousley with my prior post a Yellow Bachag Chair by Korean designer Joongho Choi. Additional feature: You can carry it – almost – as a Ba(ha)g.

Blast Stools by Guy Mishaly

Blast by Israeli designer Guy Mishaly are stools created by explosion.

The objects start out as geometric shapes made of metal sheets that are webbed with explosive material. The explosion changes the generic shape into an object identified as having a unique character, and the effects of the explosion will always yield different objects.

Each Blast stool is made by detonating a charge inside a steel blank, ripping legs out of the sides so that every one is unique, and as no material gets lost in the explosion each stool has the same weight before and after detonation. Watch the making of the Blast stools:

BLAST chairs by explosion from Guy Mishaly on Vimeo.


Balloon Bench by h220430

The aluminium Balloon Bench by Japanese studio h220430 appears to be floating in the air, lifted by clusters of polyethylene balloons, whereas in reality it’s suspended from anchor points in the ceiling, which are then concealed by the balloons.


Jill by Alfredo Häberli for Vitra – Milan 2011 (10)

The Jill chair is another product to be introduced in Milan tomorrow and is the first collaborative work by Vitra and Zürich based Alfredo Häberli. Inspired by the early days of plywood moulding, the designer explores the modern boundaries of this technique and creates a flexible shell where, in a patented process, Jill’s veneers are curved until they meet in the middle of the seat. The bases for the chair are made of tubular steel, wire, aluminium and wood, and their coloring is matched to complement the optional leather and fabric covers.

Memory Chair by Tokujin Yoshioka

Memory Chair by Tokujin Yoshioka
Memory Chair by Tokujin Yoshioka 2

Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka launched a crumpled aluminium chair for Italian brand Moroso in Milan last year.

The Memory Chair is covered in a layer containing recycled aluminium, which retains its form.

via Dezeen.