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The construction of elements which are good for the soul is the philosophy of this object which acquires a new way of being functional, not just a seat but a warm seat, not just a radiator but also a backrest, not 2 elements separated into 2 functions, but 2 objects designed to give life to a single multi-functional and fun object. Designer: Whynot (Italy)

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Abu stool attachment by Cenk Derrell

Abu stool attachment by Cenk Derrell
Abu stool attachment by Cenk Derrell

+ Cenk Derrell’s Abu stool attachment turns any stool into a more ergonomic proposition. This polypropylene attachment will locks to most standard stools, and stacks for storage.

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Fabrica Decorative System by Sam Baron

Sam Baron of design research centre Fabrica in Italy has created rolls of patterned tape for covering old and unwanted furniture. tapes_table_low.jpg “The idea is to create a covering system that create a second skin, and a second life to some old furniture that can be found in second hand market or in the street,â€Ã¯Â¿Â½says Baron. “It’s design through re-design, basically.â€Ã¯Â¿Â½ tape_bar_low.jpg There are three Fabrica Decorative System designs, available from Fabrica shops.

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Inflatable Lounger with Speakers

swissmiss: Inflatable Lounger With Built In Speakers

A Porcelain Chair Teapot

Cardew Royal Albert Wicker Chair Teapot
Paul Cardew Royal Albert Wicker Chair Teapot
Paul Cardew Pormierion Chair Teapot
Paul Cardew Portmierion Chair Teapot

I didn’t know china chair teapots existed, but they do.

About Paul Cardew, Master Teapot Maker
Over the last fifteen years Paul Cardew has established himself as the world’s preeminent designer and producer of collectible teapots.

His talents have also been widely recognized by museums art galleries and the British Tea Council for whom he designed a special range of teapots in the late 80’s.

His obsession with producing ever more imaginative and intricate designs has remarkably not sent him “potty”. His youthfulness and energy bear witness to the naturally reviving qualities of tea.

You can find more about Paul Cardew and more of his chair teapots at the site Cardew Club

The photo’s of this post are borrowed from Trojan Horse Antiques & Collectibles

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