Shelter and A Hammock When Lazy

Respite is a shelter made for people on the move. It’s red nylon shell transforms into a hammock when you need to relax after a long day’s hike, and easily turns back into a tent when you need the rest. The strong steel tubing that make up its frame folds into a backpack for quick transit. All it’s missing is a grill and a machine that’ll do all the fishing for you.

Designer: Ryan Heiser

Via Yanko Design

Love Thy Hammock – Luxury Redefined With Leaf

Designers Pinar Yar & Tugrul Govsa have come up with a revolutionary idea that will never let you fall out of your favorite hammock again.

Via Born Rich

EZ Hammock

The EZ hammock by Royal Botania explores a minimalist design with extra functionality. This hammock rocks and swings for easy summertime relaxation. $1,202 through
via Behind the Curtains

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