Masters Chair by Philippe Starck – 2012 IMM Cologne (10)

Masters Chair by Philippe Starck - 2012 IMM Cologne

Masters Chair by Philippe Starck

Just a photo taken at the 2012 IMM Cologne booth of Kartell to show how colorful the Masters Chair can be.

Miss Lacy Armchair by Philippe Starck

Miss Lacy Armchair by Philippe Starck

Miss Lacy Armchair by Philippe Starck

via ed-design:

Miss Lacy Armchair (2007)

by Philippe Starck for driade

The Miss Lacy chair was shaped by the star designer Philippe Starck for the Italian manufacturer Driade in the year 2007.

Miss Lacy has her characteristic appearance because of the interwoven flowers pattern in the round seat.The Miss Lacy chair carries the unmistakable handwriting of its creator Philippe Starck. As also the Lago and Out / In chairs for Driade, the Miss Lacy chair combines a round and full body with slum legs. The steel seat from Miss Lacy was covered with a romantic, appealing flowers pattern by Philippe Starck.

The sitting shell from Miss Lacy consists of stainless steel. The flowers pattern is cut out of the seat by Driade. The legs of the chair also consist of stainless steel. Miss Lacy is only suitable for the indoor use because of the material.

Lou Read Armchair by Philippe Starck

Lou Read Armchair by Philippe Starck

Lou Read Armchair by Philippe Starck


The Lou Read Armchair by Philippe Starck


Costes Chair by Philippe Starck got the 2nd Via Carte Blanche Award in 1982

costes chair by philippe starck in centre pompidou

In 1982 Philippe Starck won VIA’s second Carte Blanche grant given to a forward-thinking project by a promising designer, with his “Don Denny” chair. Later, this famous chair appeared in the Café Costes.

This was on my back burner for quite some time. Just to remember the French association VIA (or Valorisation de l’Innovation dans l’Ameublement) that gives Carte Blanche awards to promising designers.

As part of its mission to promote and recovery of French, VIA gives each year one or more “Carte Blanche” to designers whose originality and maturity of the creative process are notable in that time. A commission, composed of personalities from industry, distribution, creation, education and the press, awards a fellowship to the creator selected to develop a personal project prospective. The purpose of the Carte Blanche is to develop a program to rehabilitate our daily activities based on the new behavior of our contemporaries. The designer has studies and discussions by the VIA VIA and guidance throughout the development process of the project whether compliance with the functional logic, purchase or technical feasibility. The “Carte Blanche” offer industrialists, publishers and distributors the opportunity to discover and meet the talent that will create the living environment of tomorrow.

Since its inception, has awarded 67 grants VIA ‘Carte Blanche’.

via Via 30 Years of Furniture Design and the Slideshow on Dwell.

Pré Lou Read by Philippe Starck, Eugeni Quitllet and Domeau & Pérès for the Royal Monceau Hotel

Lou Read is an exquisite handcrafted armchair designer by Philippe Starck and Eugeni Quitllet and fabricated by Domeau&Pérès for the Royal Monceau Hotel in Paris. Watch it being made in this video by Sébastien Jousse:

Update November 30, 2011

I’ve altered the title of this post as a representative of Domeau & Pérès has informed me that the Royal Monceau Hotel chairs are not the same as the Lou Read chairs. Domeau & Pérès have been working closely together with Philippe Starck Studio to develop this chair for the Royal Monceau Hotel.

Thereafter the further development of the chair has been licensed to Driade who have coined the chair Lou Read. Interesting! Especially since one of the most influential blogs Designboom doesn’t seem to make the distinction between the two editions. Furthermore it is interesting the Driade website doesn’t seem to mention this particular chair although I have seen it in their Milan showroom in September 2011 and could only take this photo through the window:

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