Hugo by Kate Pashinova

The Hugo chair by Kate Pashinova is made to reflect Scandinavian style with its minimalistic features. Hugo is simple, but functional: its one arm is designed for hanging your bag, which comes in handy in public spaces like cafes and galleries.

From the designer:

“The special gap between the seat and the armrest allows to keep your bag close to you decreasing the glory of pickpockets and leaving it clean and tidy even in the dusty streets and spaces. Stackable design gives the owner more storage space and freedom, still making the day brighter with its eye-catching colours.”

Kate Pashinova is a young Russian designer and former student of British Higher School of Art and Design in Moscow who is currently moving to Finland to complete her MA at Aalto University.

Venezia Chair by Paolo Favaretto

Venezia Chair by Paolo Favaretto Side

Venezia Chair by Paolo Favaretto Front

Venezia Chair by Paolo Favaretto. Not so much if you look at the front, but certainly when you look at the side. It is stackable and designed for Italian manufacturer Gruppo Sintesi.

Castor by Big-Game for Karimoku New Standard – Milan 2011 (07)

A collection of oak furniture by Lausanne-based studio Big-Game will be presented by Japanese design brand Karimoku New Standard in Milan next week, from 12-17 of April. The collection, called Castor, includes a stool and a bench (there’s also a shelf, but here at Chair Blog this interest us just a tiny bit less) – all made from small sections of Japanese oak. The stool is stackable and the bench makes reference to traditional Japanese furniture typology.


Tip Ton by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby for Vitra – Milan 2011 (06)

Amazing new Vitra creation to be presented at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan next week! (Photo via

From Vitra’s youtube channel:

Tip Ton defines the new design standard for the forward-tiltable all-plastic chair: it can be tilted forward from its normal position and will remain stationary at a 9 degree incline. This forward-slanted sitting position, which has only been available to date from sophisticated office chairs, straightens the pelvis and spine thereby improving circulation through the stomach and back muscles. Up to four Tip Ton chairs can be stacked on one another and the chair is available in eight different colours. It is made from polypropylene, is extremely durable and 100% recyclable.

Piana by David Chipperfield for Alessi – Milan 2011 (05)

Another chair to be presented at Milan 2011 this month is Piana by British architect David Chipperfield for Italian design company Alessi. Alessi is well known for its innovative designs in mostly all things that can be labelled “accessories”, so a new product being a chair is a unique step for the company.

Piana is a folding and stackable seat that is manufactured from 100% recycled polypropylene and rotates around a single point held by two screws. Available in 6 kitchen-friendly (2 of which even sound yummy) colors: white, raspberry red, saffron yellow, patina green, traffic black and pebble grey.