Prototype Robert Whitton Chair


Ha! You can “roll your keel into this chair”;-)

Early prototype sculpted aluminum chair by architect and designer Robert Whitton circa 1989. Features a perforated aluminum seat with a rolling bar that moves for ease of entry into the chair. The swooping curved arms provide an incredible contrast to the angularity of the legs.

Via red modern furniture.

But directed to Robert Whitton by reader Thomas Goi for which we thank him!

Spring Chair by Kaisern Chen


Yes! Another worthy find for the Chairchez La Femme category: This Spring Chair by Hong Kong based Jack of all Trades (Designer, Photographer and History Student) Kaisern Chen.

Formed entirely from single sheet of top grade spring stainless steel, Spring Chair presents a marvel in material application, function inspired by form. By using the continuous contour and the natural character of spring steel to give all the coordinated flexibilitty, Result in surprising and pleasant seating comfort

Tolix’ A56 Armchair in Lingerie Campaign

The famous A56 armchair designed by Jean Pauchard in 1934 for Tolix is featured in the luxury lingerie brand Agent Provocateur‘s Spring/Summer-2011 campaign. The face of the newest collection is curvatious beauty Josephine de La Baume, a French actress and singer.

P.S. And just in case the photo above is not enough and you want to see the chair (or is it Josephine that you want to see more of?) in “action”, I suggest you check out the campaign at the AP website for some interesting jiggling gif pictures… I know you want to, so don’t be shy and click away! I won’t tell anyone you did.

Ice Chair by Baita Design

Polley found Brazilian Design studio Baíta Design, run by Helena Bueno and Heinz Müller and based in Sao Paolo.

Helena has entered their portfolio at the Behancé Network where I found this minimalistic acrylic with stainless steel Ice Chair.

Mozzarella Chair by Tatsuo Yamamoto

Mozzarella Chair by Tatsuo Yamamoto
Side View of Mozzarella Chair by Tatsuo Yamamoto
Mozzarella Chair by Tatsuo Yamamoto
Mozzarella Chair by Tatsuo Yamamoto

Mozzarella Chair by Tatsuo Yamamoto
Soft Sponge Texture of Mozzarella Chair by Tatsuo Yamamoto

‘Mozzarella Chair’ by Tatsuo Yamamoto consists of woven fabric stretched over a 2mm thick stainless steel frame with smooth and soft texture.

Via Design Boom