Stools by Michel Pignères

Stools by Michel Pigneres

Stools by Michel Pignères at Pillips de Pury & CO.
ESTIMATE $14,000-18,000

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Glass and Steel Church Chairs by Studio Rafaschierii

Studio Rafaschierii recently completed an interesting project for a church in Metz: modern chancel furniture in magnesium and glass. Very non-traditional!

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Libeskind Diamond Chair

Photo © Studio Libeskind

As every architect with some self esteem Daniel Libeskind designed a chair. I coined this chair The Diamond Chair, but its official name is Spirit House Chair. It was especially designed for the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada. Libeskind designed a new extension to the museum with the name The Michael Lee-Chin Crystal. I really believed they missed an ad possibility “The Diamond Chair in The Chrystal”, nést pas?

Libeskind Chrystal Chair in ROM
Here is the chair in The Michael Lee-Chin Crystal

Procuction is by Nienkamper… Oops they call the chair the ….. Michael Lee-Chin Crystal.

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